Canine training, or yorkie training in particular, is quite often described as training the yorkshiere terrier how to respond in ways acceptable by his human companions. But training is not only for dogs! Similar to their furry friends, owners have to go through training too. It is necessary that they are well aware of their chosen breed’s personality, what they need to stay fit and what training technique is appropriate for them.

As a yorkie owner, here are a few nuggets of information you should remember in order to get your desired training outcome:

  • The most valuable advice when it comes to yorkie training is for the owner to know more about his pet. Yorkshire terriers are highly energetic, brave and clever breed but that may differ based on the breed’s personality and the way he was socialized as a puppy. Hence your pet needs constant guidance for you to identify his character.
  • Yorkies are small dogs and similar to any other small breeds of dog, they’re more likely to develop small dog syndrome, a behavior in which the dog acts larger than he actually is to guarantee his safety. This behavior stems from how the owner handles his pet. A dog that is spoiled by his owner and is not given proper correction each time he made a mistake is prone to develop this undesirable behavior. But by showing your pet that you’re a responsible and confident leader of the pack, he will realize before long that you’re the one who sets the rules he must adhere to.
  • Self confidence is not enough to get your desired yorkie training outcome. Consistency, patience and determination are also keys to reach your goal of having a well-trained yorkie.
  • Yorkies are sweet little bundle of joy. They are generally good with children and affectionate with their masters. As such, gentle training approach is best utilized to suit this breed’s personality. Punishment-based training in contrast ought to be avoided as much as possible for it can do more damage than good.

The information may not include ideas on how to train your pet to come or stay but when considered before the training begins, it’ll surely help you attain what every dog owner is often wishing for – to have an obedient four-legged companion.

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