Even though it is getting more popular in the U.S., pet medical insurance remains a mystery to many pet owners. I find this rather amazing since we spent upwards of $45 billion in 2009 on our favorite pets. (American Pet Products Assoc.estimate.)

 We spend on gourmet foods, we shower them with chew toys, designer clothing and top of the line beds. We buy crates, carts and even strollers so they can be with us wherever we go.

So it seems to follow that we should be spending on medical insurance for our pets as well. After all, we obviously want them to live long and healthy lives, right? And, God forbid, if anything should happen to them like a serious illness or an accident, we would want to give them the best medical care available, right?

Pet Medical Insurance Can Offer Peace of Mind

Medical treatment for pets can be quite costly and, just like our own health care, new and more expensive treatments become available every day. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Americans spent $12 billion in 2009 on veterinary care for their pets.

Because we get so many benefits from having a pet in our lives (like reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, fighting depression) we often find ourselves going to extraordinary measures to care for an ill pet. Having pet insurance can offer real peace of mind should they become seriously ill or injured. Imagine how devastating it would be to let your beloved pet go because you didn’t have the financial ability to treat it.

There are now state-of-the-art treatments and facilities available to diagnose and treat animals. Everything from stem cell transplants to physical therapy to high tech radiation therapy are now available to help cats, dogs, birds, reptiles and a wide assortment of animals.

What Will Pet Insurance Cover?

Just like our own health coverage, pet insurance plans cover everything from catastrophic illness and injuries to routine wellness coverage. You will need to decide what kind of coverage you need. You will also need to shop carefully to look for exclusions that might affect your particular situation.

For instance, older pets might not be able to get coverage. Some plans exclude specific breed conditions. Some plans will include preventative care, some won’t. Some will exclude pre-existing conditions. Always be sure to check carefully before buying any plan.

Before you buy that next jewel-studded collar for your princess pooch think about how you would feel if she became seriously ill and you didn’t have the money to get her the best care. You buy the best of everything else for her so why not quality <a href=http://petinsuranceprimer.com/pet-insurance/cheaper-pet-insurance-tips-on-comparison-shopping/>pet medical insurance?</a> Learn how to shop for a plan that will fit your needs at http://petinsuranceprimer.com

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