In spite of the renowned canine intelligence, dog’s understanding is not at par with what humans have. A dog that is allowed to jump on a master wearing old shirt and jeans will not understand why its usual way of greeting is not be appreciated by the female master wearing stockings and a deceptively simple but very expensive designer dress.

How will you go about disciplining a dog to corrects its undesirable habits of barking and chewing excessively, of raiding trash cans and eating spoiled food, of tormenting smaller pets? Dogs are highly attuned to what humans feel thus these animals can easily interpret and understand the facial expression and body movement of human. A dog that had destroyed your favorite $500 bag will slink under the table when it sees the anger in your face. But this does not mean that your designer shoes will be safe from the dog’s sharp teeth. It is not always possible for pet owners to constantly supervise the dog thus to prevent the pet from being destructive it has to be disciplined. Screaming at the dog or inflicting physical punishment would never be a good idea more so if the punishment was given after the destructive deed was done. Correcting the bad habit of the dog will never be accomplished if the punishment is given after the dog has been destructive.

In a dog/human relationship, the human should always be viewed as the leader of the pack. Dogs being lower in rank must follow humans. One of the most effective ways to discipline the dog is obedience training. Any kind of dog training is best started when the dog is still young. In a firm and clear voice, teach the dog to obey commands that will modify a wrong behavior.

One effective way if disciplining the dog is to make the dog hate doing the destructive behavior . Bitter apple discourages the dog from chewing things and a spray of cold water stops the dog’s excessive barking.

It would be best to reprimand and correct the dog while the destructive act is being committed. Commands such as Stop, No and Leave it will prevent the dog from doing its destructive act. It would take some time for the dog to understand the meaning of these commands but consistent training, lots of praise and treats are invaluable tools that will correct the dog’s unwanted behavior.

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