Stop Your Dog From Barking

As a hunter, you need to not only keep your dog from barking when he’s at home but you also want to make sure that the dog isn’t barking at times when it’s inconvenient while you’re hunting.   Let’s face it if your dog barks at every little thing he encounters while you’re out hunting, you’re not going to have a good hunting trip!

Although there are a few ways of training your dog not to bark, a good choice is to get a dog bark collar. It’s a negative reinforcement method that can teach your dog that it is not okay to bark.

The two basic types of dog collars for training dogs not to bark at inappropriate times can be used effectively on all types of dogs.  Whether your dog is a hunting dog or a family pet, these collars can safely be used.

Bear in mind that not all dogs respond to every collar out there. Do some research to ensure that the training collar will be effective for your dog before investing in a purchase.

Electronic Bark Collar

Electronic bark collars work by emitting a jolt into your dog when he barks.  This sounds cruel but the fact of the matter is that this is a very gentle stimulation that will not harm your dog in any manner.

The premise of the electronic bark collars is that the dog gets a ‘jolt’ when he barks (inappropriately) and by repeated reinforcement of this same pattern (i.e. a jolt when barking) the dog will realize that it’s not acceptable for him to be barking.

Most electronic bark collars come with a range of jolts from extremely mild (for smaller dogs) to higher velocity jolts for much larger dogs. When you first put the collar on your dog you should always start out with the very lowest setting until you determine which level works best to control your dog.

Citronella Bark Collar

If you’re uncomfortable jolting your dog, a spray bark collar may be a better option over the electronic bark collar. Although electronic collars are harmless and humane, some people are unable to get used the idea of electrically jolting a dog. The spray collar utilizes citronella and is a good choice to control dog barking.

Like the electronic dog collar, the spray collar will produce unpleasant sensations to the barking dog. Because it is not a good feeling for the dog to be sprayed in the face, the unpleasantness of the experience will train your dog not to bark when inappropriate, at the risk of being sprayed again. The spray collar will work on small and big dogs, up to 160 pounds.


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