Dolphins are already reaching humans as long as we’ve found known on their existence.

During this time, their more dangerous predator and the one 1 which have dramatically reduced dolphin population is the human being.

Even though we all agree that Dolphins are amazing creatures that might seem extremely intelligent and friendly, we still certainly are a huge threat for dolphins. Learn more about Dolphin Videos.

A deeper knowledge and more information about dolphins is definitively the initial step towards better conservation and perception of these wonderful mammals. Besides, the info is the weapon and our little contribution to fight dolphin killing and habitat damage.

Attempting provide unique and different info on Dolphins, we have classified our posts into single and uncommon categories like “dolphin videos”, which includes the information about daily dolphin activities, for example “what do dolphins eat?” or “social relationships”, amongst others.

Regarding the main sea life videos, you will see detailed specifics of dolphin reproduction, the direction they hunt and how they communicate. Atht he anatomic level, a detailed analysis around the technique called echolocation, their basic anatomy and physiology.

The section linked to humans is devoted to the connection between dolphins and humans, including articles which describe human-dolphin encounters like the incredible rescues of humans by dolphins and just how dolphins have impacted our culture reflecting this influence in movies, books and lots of alternative methods of expression that contain existed for centuries and were recorded in ancient cultures at the extend that they are included in Greek and Roman mythology.

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