Perhaps some believes that teaching a golden retriever how to swim is not actually part of golden retriever training due to the fact that this breed was originally created to retrieve shot waterfowl. Apart from that, they have sleek and dense waterproof coat thus movements in water is quite easy. But undoubtedly, not all golden retrievers are confident enough to be in the water. Not used to swimming or previous ordeals are just a few of the reasons that bring about the fear.

To help your pet conquer the fear of water, it’s best to start in an vacant or not too swarmed and busy pool, lake or river to prevent interruptions. While saying encouraging words, stand in the shallow end to make him feel less nervous. Reward and praise the instance he comes near the water. If he looks frightened to get in the water, cajole him using the most delightful treat you can get. Do this calmly and gradually since forcing him to obey you might worsen his fear.

The following part of golden retriever training is the swimming lesson. Lucky you if your dog paddles away on his own just like most golden retrievers but if that isn’t so, you really need to make extra effort to train him how to do so.

Gently pull him (if he’s on leash) or take your dog in the section where water is knee or waist-deep. Place your hand under his tummy close to the rear end while ensuring he is level in the water. Let him to paddle vigorously until he learns to float and finally swim.

While training, remember to prioritize safety above anything else. Don’t force your pet to deep in the water since it will only worsen his fear which in turn could make golden retriever training difficult. Moreover, activities in the water must also be controlled specifically in the case of young puppies and older dogs they get tired instantly.

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