Border Collie Training for Kids

If there is just one option that can make kids and border collie live together peacefully, it would be through appropriate border collie training. Through training, you’ll be able to teach your dog what behavior is acceptable and what he should avoid. But your border collie is not actually the only one that needs to have training, your children must also learn how to deal with this kind of breed responsibly.

Step one should be to let the kids be aware the breed’s qualities such as the natural behavioral instinct to herd. They should be aware that the border collie was originally created to assist with the herding of animals in the farm thus, it’s not bizarre if they make an effort to herd people especially if they see the need to do so. While you definitely do not want this to happen, it would be better that the children know how to respond should your pet attempt to herd them. To a border collie, any moving object running away from him is a livestock attempting to break free thus if little girl finds out that Orion is running towards her, she better keep still instead of running away. Through this, your hardworking dog will no longer believe that she is trying to escape thus will give up chasing her.

Another significant thing kids ought to learn is the fact that pets are not toys nor they can endure rough playing. A border collie, despite of border collie training he experienced, will soon forget what he learned once he or what he thought to be his property is endangered. Pulling of ears or tail, teasing, screaming, smacking or annoying the dog when he is eating or resting should be avoided to prevent snapping, growling and even biting. Most dogs regard their crate or bed as haven or safe place when things appear to be too much for them to put up with thus your pet needs to have the quiet time he needs each time he retreats in there.

A family is commonly consist of a father, a mother, kids and pets. Obviously there’s nothing inappropriate with it ; however ,, it is important that needed measures are taken for these four characters to coexist in an environment filled with love, happiness and respect for one another.

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