Training old and stubborn dogs is one thing that a lot of jack russell owners don’t want to go through. Although matured dogs are actually hard to cope with, you can still accomplish excellent jack russell training if you use the best solutions; and, if you just put your heart into doing it. Worry not as loads of effective dog training tools and resources can now help you out, especially in terms of training old and hard-headed dog breeds.

They say that “You can’t teach old dogs new tricks.” Well, many jack russell owners can confirm that. Since old dogs have already developed their own habits, making them follow your rules can certainly be a handful. Giving such dogs the kind of training you wish them to have would somehow become depressing and very wearisome. It may take ten-folds of your time and effort before you can make them comply with your commands.

Training an old jack russell must be carried out with commitment, regardless of how tough it may seem. Dogs with behavioral issues must be given exclusive consideration. Old jack russells become hard to train because of various factors. Former owners may also be held responsible for it; the way such dogs were cared for could greatly affect their growth, particularly when they are taken by new families. Thus, don’t lose hope when planning to give your old, stubborn jack russell the levels of training you believe he deserves. This way, you can correct his bad habits and turn him into a pride of your family.

Change your methods of training if they don’t work out with your newly-adopted stubborn and mature dog. What proved helpful for your other pet may not actually benefit another, particularly with an old and hard-headed jack russell. Apply the basics of jack russell training; but always be open for other alternatives. Be consistent in giving clear and short commands. Old dogs tend to be more prone to boredom than puppies. Thus, have a quick yet rigid training sessions. Constant repetition of your commands and jack russell training activities can do the trick.

Always behave as the leader of the pack. Don’t give your dog the opportunity to reign over your entire family. Be strict yet reasonable. Pay attention to your dog’s behaviors and typical responses. Using a little bit of craziness can often be useful in dealing with your jack russell’s behaviors. Learn how to communicate and understand his thoughts by gaining knowledge about canine psychology. Try to catch his attention without appearing to be so needy or desperate. Never accept bothersome actions; instead, do your best to correct.

Avoid giving harsh, unnecessary punishments. Punishing an old and stubborn jack russell could result to further aggression. Besides, old or mature jack russells are way bigger and stronger. You won’t be able to deal with their aggressiveness; thus, always stay calm and patient. Treat your jack russell well and you will be honored with good results. Try to implement positive jack russell training approach instead of being punitive. Understand the causes of your dog’s poor habits so you can find out how to cope with it. So long as you do the right things, you can be promised of the best results when training an old and stubborn jack russell.

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