If you are like a lot of dog owners, your best friend most likely spends some time outside when you are absent. Every dog owner understands that their dog needs shelter when they are outside from the heat, cold, and elements, however several well meaning pet owners buy dog homes that are not adequately insulated for the local weather in which they live. If you reside in a climate that has temperature extremes either in the summer or winter, the safest and most secure house for your dog is an insulated dog house. It is critical to purchase a dog house that matches the climate in which you live; or else your dog may not be protected from the high temperature of the summer or cold of the winter. There are a lot of different materials used to manufacture dog houses, and some are manufactured with insulation and others are not.

An insulated dog house will keep the temperate from rising too high in the house throughout the summer by blocking the sun’s rays. In the winter, the insulation will stop the dog house from getting too cold by keeping in your dog’s body warmth. Insulated dog houses are manufactured in all shapes and sizes so you will simply be able to find one that will suit your dog. While any shape and size will do for an insulated dog house, there are some equipment that work better for these kinds of houses.

Plastic dog houses and dog igloos are common and for good reason. They are water and pest proof, lightweight, and nice-looking. Plastic is not the finest material for an insulated dog house, though. Plastic does not hold in heat well and will not defend against the sun’s hot rays as well as other materials. You can also find dog houses made of steel, either with a metal roof or with an complete metal building. Metal is the worst material you can choose for an insulated dog house as it is notorious for being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Metal is robust, but unless you live in a very moderate climate that does not experience hot summers or cold winters it is not the top option for a dog house.

Wood is one of the more accepted materials for dog houses and it is also the best for insulation purposes. Wood acts as a natural insulator and when coupled with a layer of Styrofoam or other insulator it does a amazing job of keeping the interior of the dog house at a relaxing temperature. There are numerous types of wood used to build dog houses and most are suitable for insulation purposes. Pressure treated wood is usually the most robust and some types of wood are naturally pest resistant. You can find wooden dog houses in any shape and size to suit the needs of your dog and it is also easy to find types that are manufactured with insulation already installed. If you already own a wooden dog house with no insulation, you can easily use a layer of Styrofoam or other insulation and plywood to insulate your dog’s house.

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