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Jumping on people is one of thenormal behavior of little puppies. They may do this by standing on their back legs andplacing their paws on the person. When dogs lunge upon infants, they can easily knock them over or leave scrapes. Leaping up on guests isunpleasant, annoying andbasically a common irritation for the dog owners.
You may like your puppy leaping up on you,nevertheless it becomes ahuge dilemma when she grows, in particular when itexceeds 20 pounds weight. To end thisunneeded jumping behavior of your dog, first of all you have to understand theexplanation behind it.
Couple of causes behind dog jumping and suggestedsuggestions:
1) Greeting: Smelling scent glands near the face is 1 of the ways dogsgreet each other. To know thesmell, dogs basically leap up on people.Even so, this is a undesirablemanner.
Solution: Arrange a squirt bottle loaded withnormal water nearby theentrance of your home, notify your visitor to hold that bottle when they come inside the house and spray whenever the dog lunges up on them.Most dogs tend not to like this and stop jumping.
A number of dogs enjoy water squirtingand they may not stop their lungingtendencies. In such cases, you ought to attach a shock color to your dog, when you think that your dog is planning to jump on your visitor just push thecontrol key and shock your dog. This is a quickmethod to conquer the dog jumpingdilemma.
2) Dominance: Jumping on individuals at times means your dog would like to dominate anddesires everyone near to acknowledge her. Whenstriving to be dominant, your dog may become controlling of people, toys, furniture, etc.
Solution: This dominant nature in dogs is risky because they may become aggressive when you try to rectify theirbehavior. To stop this, your dog should know that you are the owner and make your dog obedient to you and your commands. You should follow somemethods to start exercising your dominance such as do not allow your dog to walk before you. Practice at first you walk and let her to follow you. And also train her simple instructions by using positive reinforcement such as “off” or “no jump” command.
3) The behavior is rewarded with attention: When you get home after working, dog shows affection by jumping on to you. She may do the same when your guests come to your house.
Answer: Basic method to stop this is not to give treat for unwanted activities and do not encourage when your dog jumps up on somebody. And also you have to neglect her when she jumps up on you. Wait till she reaches reserved state of mind, you can show your affection towards her.However once you finished, go back to ignoring her. This shows your dog that, only when you show love to her then she is allowed to pay attention to you. And also you have to inform your family members, friends and neighbors that never give attention to dog when it jumps up on them. As soon as your dog is aware of its position, you and your guests can then give attention him attention.
4) Extreme exhilaration: In most cases, if the dog is seeing you after a reasonable length of timeshe may well jump with enthusiasm.A few canines have the habit of jumping when strangerscome to home.
To stop this you may use water squirt, shock, positive reinforcementinstructions, and so forth.
Training is important for you to stop your dog jumping. Keep in mind that yourentire family should be involvedwhen training her. With a little effort from all, you’re able to stop dog jumping and your pet will be a well-loved member of the family.


Hope this aids your stop dog jumping needs, thanks for reading
by Ruchi Vasishta

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