If you have just gotten a new Shih Tzu, you could be ready to start training it to behave as you would like it to.  House training your Shih Tzu includes instructing him to sit, come and heel on command.  

Enjoying it completely is the first thing you need to do.  Secondly, it’s imperative that you expect the same behavior at all times and thirdly you have to express the same communication time after time till your dog knows what you would expect him to do.  

These are some tips to help you as you start, but when you are prepared for more sophisticated training with your Shih Tzu, you need to find help from a skilled tutor in your neighborhood.  

Shih Tzu Tip Number 1

The 1st Shih Tzu training tip is for you to have a good time with your training attempts.  Although there are numerous different methodologies you may use when training your dog, try and have a light hearted attitude about everything you try.  The experience needs to be pleasurable for you as well as your dog or he won’t respond definitely.  

We have found that spending special time with your dog helps you to bond with and start to know him / her better, which will improve the chances of your dog behaving and responding more favorably towards what you are asking him / her to do.  

Shih Tzu Tip Number 2

You want to stay consistent with your training efforts.  What comes next is Shih Tzu training tip number two.  It’s important to be predictable, which can be outlined as repeating a behavior again and again till your dog learns it.  You cannot afford to coach your dog two things at a time, if you do puzzlement will set in.  

Repetition is the key to impressing in your dog the behaviors you are trying to inspire.  So be consistent with training and positive strengthening until you see the required result.  

Shih Tzu Tip Number 3

The 3rd Shih Tzu training tip is to make sure your dog knows what you want it to do.  

Your dog cannot act dependent on your commands when he feels mystified about what you express.  You’ll be irritated by this and your dog will be too; it will not know the way to please you which it actually wants to do.  It is important to show the behavior you expect from your dog.

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