Dog aggression issues can be the byproduct of several issues. Vet guidance  that supports medication to contend with this difficulty should only be considered after attempting other means . Aggressive outbursts may be the result of environmental stress, learned behavior, or natural disposition. Here are some basic things you can do to help eliminate your pets aggressive nature .

Veterinary Advice for Dealing with Aggression : You have to take command . Train your hound to earn attention. Make your dog sit before she gets her meal or goes outside. Make your dog lie down before you give her a treat. If you do this regularly , your dog will learn that you are the ‘Top Dog’ and show less aggression .

  • Stop it fast : disrupt every type of aggressive behavior. When your dog is yapping at someone that he also usually wants to bite , such as the mail man, give a command to stop the barking and reward him when he complies.


  • Do not Engage in Aggressive Type Games: Tug-of-war is not a wise game to play with aggressive dogs. They find it difficult to tell the difference between play and aggression.


  • Get Social : The more people your furry friend encounters when she is young, the less prone she is to exhibit fear and react with aggression. Have people approach your pet with a treat and she will learn to trust them.

Some Vet Advice
 Massage can calm your pet. Tracing circles on their tail, mouth and ears each day has a surprisingly calming effect. We have often used a form of this to calm nervous animals in the exam room – the ear tips are especially sensitive.
-Dr. Andrew Jones DVM, Nelson Animal Hospital

For a dog that displays inherit aggressive tendencies , it is important to avoid aggressive type games (tug-of-war and wrestling to name a few). These forms of play will only intensify the problem by reinforcing this undesirable behavior. A dog that firmly knows you are in charge will be less inclined to outbursts of aggression around you . The “treat” system when used correctly can have a powerful influence on the overall mental state of your dog.

You can learn more about traditional dog/cat health and well being from a medley of educational veterinary books, most of these are available on the Internet . These reference tomes are principally used by professional Vets , but can also offer value to the interested and motivated novice .

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