Choosing an Urn for Your Dog

Our pets truly have a special way of staying close to our hearts . There is truly a reason we’vegranted dogs the name, “Man’s best friend”. Remember all the good memories, the walks around the neighborhood , the feeding time, the cuddle time, and even the talking time? Dogs can truly become an important part of our lives.

The passing of a great pet is noteasy. Many people like to keepa memorial for their dog to help cherish the memories. A memorable cremation urn is a great way to pay tribute for your pet. There are many kinds available and if you’re looking for some ideas, here are some that might help.

Wooden box urns for dogs can be adorned in many ways. There are some out there with a toy on the top, paw prints, or other decorations. This is where you could get creative. How about adding a locket of fur, a favorite toy, or a collar for extra sentiment?

Metal urns are another option. Brass or silver really give a strong look for your pet’s tribute. Look for ones with free engraving to add that extra touch. There are also selections with burnished copper and aluminum that are very sturdy and have the appearance of wood.

For a more elegant look, there are also urns that have the apperance of more traditional decor such as marble finishing and engravings. Ceramic urns also have an elegant expression .

Finally, picture urns for dogs are a great way to tribute your pet. Typically the photo urns will have a frame somewhere on a wooden box. Perhaps adding a digital frame to a box urn will also add a pleasant memorial.

The loss of a pet is difficult, but their memories can always remain in our hearts. Creating a memorial for your dog is a great way to keep those memories alive!

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