How To Crate Train

Dog crate training is an efficient and effective training technique to help house train dogs.  Dogs are den animals; they love to have a protected, clean area that is away from all other interruptions. Dog crate training utilizes this nature of dogs at the same time it provides reliability when you want to keep your dog away. One of the primary benefits to the owner in utilizing the crate training system is reducing the dog’s access areas. Crates are usually available in plastic or metal wire. Plastic crates give much more of a den feeling and are really useful during travel. It is advisable to use wire crates given that they are resilient and  easier to clean .
A dog’s inherited traits are employed as tools for training them .The method of crate training requires following aspects:
    * Buying a appropriate crate is very important. It should suit the size of your dog, plus also allow him room to stretch and move his head    * You should reward your dog for entering into crate and remaining there
Most important point in crate training is to introduce your dog to the crate. Typically, this is done with the aid of the dog’s favored toys or treats for rewarding the dog when he comes close to the crate. The following step is to place a toy or food inside the crate which will make the dog go inside to get it, when the puppy comes back out of the crate, offer him a treat to appreciate his obedience. If the same procedure is duplicated for a few days, your dog will start to familiarize and get used to the crate
The crate must not be used to leave dogs for a long amount of time, particularly puppies, as they can not hold their bladder for long, so in this particular instance attempt to take your dog out to the yard or where ever you take him to relieve himself atleast once every hour.
A young puppy ought to have absolutely no difficulty in accepting the crate as his area. Normally, dogs who are older than six months will have difficulties getting used to crates as they may perhaps feel insecure when left alone. A little puppy can be trained inside of 1 week, on the other hand, a grown up dog may not take more than 10-15 days to adapt to this new sort of lifestyle.



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By Ruchi Vasishta

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