How to register a dog

Registering a dog is not obligatory as dog owners have the option to register or not to register the pet. Purebred dogs are commonly registered but even if a dog does not hold a club registration certificate, it will still remain the wonderful and affectionate companion of man.

Holding a kennel club registration certificate will not make the dog more affectionate and loyal as being registered or not will make no difference to the dog. On the other hand, the thought of holding adorable and cuddly puppies may make you decide to breed the pet and this decision would only be possible if the dog is registered. Registering the dog to a kennel club would qualify the pet to be mated with another purebred. In registering a puppy you need to present the Dog Application Registration that is provided by the breeder when the puppy was purchased.

Breeders of purebred dogs are required to register their dogs. People that keep dogs specifically as home companions seldom take the trouble of registering the pet. Not many owners are aware of the benefits they can get if the dog is registered. A dog owner is not unlike a proud parent that would be more than pleased at the success of the pet. A dog owner would brag about the rosettes and blue ribbons awarded to the pet and of course for a dog to enter kennel club events registration would be necessary.

The American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club are two major kennel clubs where you can register your dog. Registering the dog and paying the required registration fee would be easy as long as the requirements specified by the kennel club are met. The American Kennel Club for instance requires three generations of verified parentage. Aside from having a registered sire and dam, the litter must be registered by the breeder as well.

A Dog Registration Application filled up with all the vital registration information must be provided by the breeder when the puppy was purchased. A dog owner can fill up a paper copy of the application or complete an online form. The name of the dog, the gender, the color and markings, the signatures of the owners of the rest of the litter as well as the name, address and signature of the owner of the dog being registered must be supplied. The registration certificate will be sent through mail by the kennel club after the registration form is submitted and the registration fee paid.

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