Training the dog to fetch

Do you know that you can easily get the attention of the gorgeous ladies in the beach if you have a handsome dog that moves with lighting speed to catch the Frisbee when you say “Fetch”? A dog that can fetch will be a joy to play with. Puppies though are not obtained from the breeder already trained to fetch. Retrievers are renowned for being an outstanding breed used by hunters to get the game after the shot but these dogs would still have to be trained to fetch. 

The fetch command is one of the basic obedience lessons that can be learned easily by the dog. The dog will probably view the obedience lessons as game because these animals are very playful. The dog’s inherent eagerness to please can be used by a dog owner to train the pet to fetch . Using the dog’s favorite treats will make the training easier as dogs are food motivated.

Play with the dog first before starting the training. Get the dog’s attention by playing with the toy that will be used in the training. Play with the ball, toss and then retrieve. The dog will surely be enticed to play because dogs are naturally playful. Toss the ball again and give the “Fetch” command and let the dog go after the ball this time. At the start of the training, the dog will not return the ball to you although it may run after the ball and play with it for a while. Praise the dog, get the ball and return to your original position. Repeat the process until the dog picks up the ball and returns it to you. Every time the dog obeys praise and reward the pet with a treat.

Dogs learn by association thus receiving the treat will be associated with the obeying the fetch command. Toss the ball a little farther and give the fetch command. The dog may run after the ball but it may not pick the ball. Refrain from giving the dog a treat. The dog must learn that if the ball is not returned, it will not be rewarded.

You can train a dog to fetch by using a toy filled with treats. Ensure that the treat cannot be easily removed from the toy. If the pet can remove and consume the treat, it will not be inclined to return the toy to you. The baited toy should be should be returned to you so you can remove the treat that will be given to the dog.

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