It has been established over and again that canines will respond more successfully to a positive dog training strategy. Dogs will react to this positive instruction since you will be clearly demonstrating them that you enjoy their activity, which, will motivate them to keep on doing the right behavior. When you are practicing with your pup and they’re not performing, try leaving them on their own in the room for a few minutes. This action will properly train them that as soon as they comply with your instructions you will be there encouraging them and when they don’t they will be left alone. This process is extremely good in helping your dog to be aware of what behavior gets positive successes and which behaviors get them that distressing isolated time.

Let’s get started with an easy command. Say you choose to train your dog how to sit down. For this command you should want to point down and strongly say “sit”. Don’t make an attempt to compel their rear end to the floor,
wait for them to respond in their own time saying the order a couple times (not repetitively, but once a minute lets say). Once your puppy gives in, present them with a lot of encouragement and maybe even a special treat.

If your dog just won’t obey, don’t punish or yell at them. Simply leave, and return in a couple minutes and give it another go. Resume this progression till your puppy understands to sit on command. Look into having puppy goodies with you when you’re inside your house so when your puppy sits down you can promptly deliver them a treat to enhance the behavior. Treats aren’t the only way to repay your dog for a job well done, if your dog likes playing with their toys you can indulge your puppy in a game of fetch anytime they comply with a order.

By showing your puppy that very good things will come about when they stick to your guidelines they will be much more likely and truly excited to respect your every order which will lead to a perfectly behaved puppy and a sturdy relationship between you and your puppy.

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