Canines, like human beings, like to have an area they can call their own. This is possible for them with kennels and crates for dogs. It is more common to use crates when your furry friend is indoors and to use kennels when your dog is outdoors. If your canine is going to stay outdoors for extended periods of time, and above all if you don’t have a fenced-in yard, you will need a dog kennel to keep your canine friend secure and comfortable. The size of the kennel will depend on how big your canine is, and do not forget to take into consideration (if your dog isn’t yet fully grown) how big your pet will eventually get. A good number people select either a galvanized steel kennel or a wire mesh kennel for usage outdoors. You have options for the ground covering ranging from the original soil in your yard to gravel to a concrete slab. Take into account that if your pet dog enjoys digging, they may be able to dig below the kennel and get away if you stick with dirt or sand. It is also nice to put some type of a roof over the kennel. A replaceable tarpaulin that you can fasten down is an excellent option or you might decide to fit a shingle roof. It will depend on how much cash you are ready to spend.

Kennels and dog crates are available in many shapes and forms but a good example of a kennel is the Jewett-Cameron Champion dog kennel costing approximately two hundred dollars. It is not difficult to assemble and it is designed for safety, convenience and long life. It is constructed of galvanized steel that gives you rust resistance and it will also protect your dog from stray dogs and wild animals. A tarpaulin could easily be positioned over the top of the kennel. It measures 5 feet long x 4 feet high x 5 feet wide. If you need something bigger Jewett-Cameron offers a kennel that is 5 feet wide x 10 feet long x 6 feet high and is priced at about $400. It has the same great characteristics as the other kennel but it gives your doggy more leg room.

Dog crates are also made of steel but, also, you might see them in plastic, canvas and wood. These work better inside your property and will provide your canine friend an area that they know belongs to them where they can feel safe. They are also practical for taking your dog to veterinarian visits and for other traveling purposes. A variety of the wood crates are manufactured to resemble an item of furniture and they can be made to match your furniture and even used as a table. They start at roughly two hundred dollars. The wire crates start at approximately sixty dollars, similar to the canvas crates. On the less costly side, there are dog crates for sale constructed of plastic that will cost you approximately $40 but, obviously, the price will depend not only on the size of your dog but also on the features that you require.

Dog crates and kennels can be a serious advantage to both you and your puppy. For outside, they will have a spot where they are at ease and you can feel confident leaving them knowing they are in a protected area and are content. For inside the house, both and you will be content knowing they have a place to call their own where they can retreat and feel snug and relaxed.

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