Finding a suitable  dog sitter or dog boarding facility requires putting in research like you were searching for a child care facility . The timing of asking your family or friends to watch your dog doesn’t always work out when you require dog boarding . Having an experienced dog sitter to care for your furry pal while you’re away on pleasure or business, or simply running late, can be a blessing in disguise . In home dog sitters do become booked early , especially over holidays & vacation time .Do allow yourself plent to time to be able to interview several dog boarders in aim to find the one who is trustworthy & with whom you feel comfortable:

A good dog boarding facility that is running their business in home will spend time with you over the telephone to answer your concerns and will require a meeting beforehand to go over important information :

  • When you arrive, your pet will be allowed to roam freely both inside and in the back yard in order to get acquainted with the surroundings.
  • Your dog boarding provider will have plenty of water made available both during your visit & when you drop off your dog.
  • Your pet sitter will want to play and get to know your dog during this pre-visitand check for your dogs temperament and social ability with other dogs (if there happens to be one already boarded there).
  • Your dog sitter will ask you to present documentation showing the name of your vet and will check if all inoculations are up to date .
  • A good facility will take notes of your dogs likes & dislikes , his feeding schedule & ask questions regarding food allergies, allowable table food and which commands your dog knows and responds to
  • The pet sitter is knowledgeable of food hazards for your pet, such as being aware that raisins, grapes, avocados and chocolate are harmful to pets.

While it may take a little time to determine the sitter most proper for your situation, we know you will agree along with other pet owners, that the right sitter is worth his/her weight in gold.

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