Why do dogs throw up?

Dog owners know that the pet vomits occasionally. There are several reason why a dog would expulse the food from its stomach. Similar to humans, dogs vomit if they have eaten something that does not agree with their system. It is not surprising for a dog to have an upset stomach because this voracious eater would eat anything from spoiled food to inedible objects.

Nature though has provided our four legged friends with an effective way of purging unwanted food and foreign objects from the stomach. All the dog need to do is eat grass and all the things ingested that were not accepted by the dog’s system will be thrown up. Vomiting will occur if the dog has eaten substantial amount of food and has drank water quickly. The vomiting can be the result of the new dog food. Although quite uncommon, stress can make the dog vomit.

A dog that was taken to a new home where there are already other pet dogs will vomit. The situation becomes highly stressful if the nervous or shy newcomer is introduced to a large and dominant old pet. Fortunately, this stress induced vomiting will need no treatment and would be gone once the new pet has adapted to the new environment. After the vomiting bout, the dog will be its normal energetic self. Owners of normally healthy dogs don’t really take the occasional vomiting of the pet seriously. Pet owners can usually manage this kind of vomiting at home. The stomach must be rested for about 24 hours thus the pet must not be allowed to eat.

However, a dog’s vomiting may not be due to dietary indiscretion. Actually, vomiting is not a disease but a symptom of an illness. It is necessary for a dog owner to carefully observe the condition of the vomiting dog.

A dog owner has to act at once if the repeated vomiting is accompanied with diarrhea, fever and the dog is noticed to be lethargic. A pet may be vomiting because it has eaten something poisonous. Infectious disease like parvovirus and internal parasite infestation are other causes of canine vomiting. A blood tinged vomit can be an indication of an intestinal obstruction, stomach ulcers or kidney problem or pancreatitis. The pet must have immediate medical attention if vomiting has been going on for 24 hours especially if the dog is lethargic and unresponsive.

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