You might need a large dog harness for your working dog, or something flashy for a show dog, there are many good choices. Your pet harness should be purchased with it’s intended use and your dog’s breed in mind. Any dogs collars and dogs harnesses are should be considered tools, you should find the one that is correct for your pet and its disposition. Then put forth the correct allotment of effort it takes training your dog . But for lots of dogs , a harness will be a safe and effective training device .

Starting to use a harness for exercising large energetic dogs might seem hard to do but many sophisticated harnesses feature elementary but well designed techniques like the front-attachment rings. When a dog jerks , it induces a slight tightening or pressure across the chest and behind the front legs. These mild but odd feelings cease when the dog stops pulling or struggling . When using this harness practice in addition to positive reinforcement, most dogs quickly associate pulling with unpleasant sensations. If your aim is to train a strong dog that pulls and lunges on a leash, seek out a training harness with a martingale-type closure that tightens when pulling and loosens up when the pulling stops and the leash relaxes.

If your dog likes water , or you live in a rainy, foggy climate, you’ll want a more durable nylon harness. For a well-mannered dog that doesn’t get wet very much , leather is a stylish , long-lasting choice. A reflective harness and leash combination might be right if you and your dog walk at night. Whatever the choice, harness training, like all training, requires repetition and patience. Most owners that try harness training experience very good results.

For the smaller dog that simply needs a walking harness, style might be your main consideration and there are plenty of designer and fancy made harnesses to choose from. Most dog harnesses are constructed from leather or nylon, with each material offering many years of use . Some other options to consider are: padding, spikes, buckles, Velcro, front leash attachments or top of the shoulder leash attachments .

When doing your research on a dog harness, be sure to take into consideration ALL the features you may require. Don’t forget , just by choosing a harness, you’re already taking a positive step in protecting your dog’s happiness and contentment .

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