Considering beginning a pet grooming business? You’ve got the love of animals, the knowledge, and a space to start in. What else do you need? Consider how many pets you wish to groom in day and whether you will have help to do the bathing for you. You can get more done if you have an assistant, maybe one of your teens to do the washing while you move to another pet. You might need 2 grooming stations if space allows and you have help. One of your major costs too will be pet grooming equipment.
You will need a tub with spray attachment. It’s neat if you can afford one with an inbuilt ramp so that loading giant dogs won’t takes its toll on your back. If you’re planning to employ a converted tub, there are doggy steps available for a reasonable price to aid in getting them into the tub. You may also need some rings to glue the restrains. You do not want dogs leaping out of the tub. Except for the risk of an injury to the dog, greasy floors can harm you as well. Install non slip mats in the tub or tub racks. Cushy mats in front of the tub are nice to have. When standing for lengthy periods of time, these will cushion your feet and back.
A rolling caddy or shelving unit to keep shampoos and conditioners arranged and within reach will make your life far easier. Textured showering mitts clean the coat and have the extra benefit of giving the dog a pleasant massage. Many units have hooks to hang your bath accessories as well as aprons. Trust me, you’ll need those to keep from getting wetter than the dog. They do love to shake before you can drape a towel over them. Having the caddy or shelves close by and stocked with towels saves steps.
Grooming tables come at many price tags. Most have a grooming arm included so restrain the pet. The hydraulic ones are good, no lifting St. Bernards onto the table. If that’s too dear, put the doggy steps to extra duty to help a big dog onto the table. There are lazy susan devices so that tiny breeds can be turned around without the groomer moving. Whee!!! A stand dryer is nice to have. It is going to be positioned near the table and works rather well while brushing and finishing the hair cut. A vacuum, shop type is a total must to keep your work-area hair free, or comparatively hair free. It’s much more efficient than sweeping when there’s a giant amount of hair. These are just a few examples of pet grooming equipment you may need to start your business.
If you intend to groom a number of dogs on a decline basis, you will require some cages or runs for the larger ones. There are cage dryers available that hook onto the cage and even cages having a built in dryer. Care must be taken with these so that the pet does not get overheated. Elderly or simply stressed dogs as well as snub nosed breeds over heat extremely simply and it can be life threatening. In a hot climate, air conditioning is an absolute must for you and also your pets.
A spread of brushs, brushes, and clippers will be required. You’ll also desire one or two sizes of nail clippers and files. Once the hair cut is done and the dog is dried and brushed out, it’s time to accesoroize. Bows and fancy hair bands look great on the girls. A tiny spritz of cologne, some matching nail polish and they’re ready to go. For the manly males, it’s good to have a selection of bandannas. They’re cheap to buy in quantity and often the pattern changes with the season. Everyone loves to get something that is free with their grooming and a very happy owner is really worth the small cost of bows and bandannas.      

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