Most people believe that feeding their dog is the easiest part of owning it. However, this is not necessarily true.The type of food and the amount of feed that you give to your pet has a great effect on the animal’s health and appearance.When shopping for the best dog food you should really try and base your purchasing decision on the quality of the food, rather than the price tag.Buying the right dog food should mean that your dog’s health with improve along with energy levels, teeth, eyes and coat.
When shopping for dog food make sure you check the ingredients list stated on the packaging.As dogs are carnivorous it is widely accepted that their diet should contain good quality meats.Bearing this in mind you should only every purchase dog food where meat is the very first ingredient.At the bottom end of the price scale many cheap dog food products will only contain meat by-products. These should be avoided as they offer little nutritional value.Dog food containing soya should also be avoided as research shows that an increasing number of dogs are allergic or intolerant to it.Pet owners who recognise the benefits in feeding their dog a good quality pet food are also reaping the benefits of more specialist food which can target a certain aspect of the animal’s health or physical appearance.You can by dog food to help clean their teeth, or food targeted to dogs with sensitive skin. You can also buy formulated dog food which is ideal for overweight dogs.
Omega 6 and 3 oils are becoming an increasing element of any good quality pet food and are vital if you want your dog to have health skin and a glossy coat, so look for food containing such oil.
Carbohydrates and protein are essential for dogs, but more so for dogs who are very active as they help to preserve energy levels between feeds.Remember though that as your dog becomes older and less active her diet will need adjusting as she will require a lower calorie intake.If your dog prefers wet food served from a can you need to again pay attention to the ingredients. Avoid tinned foods that show water as the main ingredient.The cheaper canned dog foods often add a significant amount of water to their product in order to lower the cost for consumers.If you feed your dog food from a can then you will also want to give your pet bones for crunching. Eating crunchy bones keeps a dog’s teeth healthy.Giving your pet a high quality food with maximum nutritional value is an excellent way to add energy in your dog’s life and enhance the appearance of his coat, eyes, teeth, and physique.By paying a small premium for a good quality dog food you will be treating your dog to a diet packed full of healthy ingredients at each and every meal and this can only be a benefit to the dog.

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