Why do dogs dig holes

Digging holes is one of the unacceptable behaviors of dogs. An owner has to live with this destructive behavior because digging, like chewing and barking is a natural behavior of dogs. All dogs dig. Of course dogs are not aware that digging holes will make the master angry thus the pet that is always eager to please would rearrange the landscaping and would meet the master with a very proud look on its face.

The silly dog would think that digging holes would please the master. Dogs are well loved pets but it would certainly be frustrating if the garden that eats a lot of your free time will be destroyed by the dog again and again. This problem can be prevented by keeping the dog on a leash but as it is customary for dog owners to want the dog around this would not be a very good option. What about recognizing the reasons why the dog digs? This can be a more effective way to deal with the dog’s unwanted behavior.

Boredom will be listed as one of the reasons why dogs develop the unwanted digging behavior. The undesirable behavior of dogs always list boredom as one of triggering factors. Dogs are not only energetic, they are social animals too. Digging holes is only one of the destructive behaviors dogs will develop if not given the opportunity to expend excess energies or the chance to interact with the human family.

Destructive digging can be the dog’s attempt to call the attention of the human family. An upset owner will scold the dog but the scolding or the punishment will be gladly accepted by the dog as the reprimand would means attention from the beloved master. Dogs would dig holes to gain freedom. Dogs have the inclination to roam. Dogs will be curious of the sounds and scents on the other side of the fence. To get to the other side, the dog will dig tunnels.

For a dog, digging is a cool activity. Digging holes would be a pleasant activity for dogs especially if the temperature is hot. Lying on a newly dug hole will cool the dog’s heated body. In the wild dogs have another purpose for digging holes – to store food. Dogs use holes to store food in the same way that we humans use refrigerators. Dogs will dig holes to bury and store bones and other foods that will be dug again during the rainy days.

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