Dog clicker training is one of the greatest dog training procedures if you wish to teach your puppy or new dog the usual commands such as sit and stay. dog clicker training takes a bit of patience at first but will soon bring about amazing results as you see your dog training exertions pay off. 

How Dog Clicker Training Works

The famous scientist Pavlov realized that dogs could react in a predictable way to the sound of a bell ringing. He soon began training them by using the bell on purpose. With dog clicker training, you are training your dog to obey a particular command in conjunction with the sound of a certain dog training clicker. The sound of the training clicker can be heard from quite a distance away and even above the sound of traffic and other cacophonous distractions. When you give a command and the dog obeys, you signal their cooperation with a click. The dog will soon affiliate the clicker and the praise and reward with the action such as sit or stay and want to be rewarded again.

To get started with dog clicker training, all you need is a cheap clicker and a bag of your dog’s preferred treats. Remember that the click is the reward for your dog obeying the command you give, along with a treat to strengthen his desire to be obedient.
Don’t ever click the clicker without it being blatant that the dog has obeyed your signal and is being rewarded. Click and give them a treat. Try to be consistent with the words you use for the commands you give so that you don’t bewilder the dog. Command, click if he does well, then give him a treat, is the right order to follow each and every time.

How to Get Started with Dog Clicker Training

Always be obvious about what you want the dog to do, sit, stay, come. Give the order firmly. If they do it, click and give a reward. Repeat this numerous times in order to reinforce the command and the click. 

They will quickly start to connect the sound of the click with the action you wish them to perform. The other pro of dog clicker training is how quick it is. The clicker gets their attention straight away, making them alert and eager for a treat. The click is even faster than the word “Sit.”

Keep up with the training until the dog responds as quickly as possible to your command. Also make sure you don’t overdo the treats. Remember that dogs are eager to please, so a click and then words of praise and attention are just as good as a massive pile of dog treats.

Command-Based Dog Training

Once your dog is well-trained using the clicker, the next step is to get him to answer to a spoken command so that you can keep up with your dog training even without a clicker. The dog will start to anticipate the command even before you click. He will also be eager for his reward. Command, click, treat or praise will swiftly become second nature to you both and the dog will connect his dog obedience with a happy owner and a nice treat or reward. 
Dog clicker training helps you to give a short, sharp clear command in order to keep your dog under control no matter what the situation. dog clicker training is one of the easiest ways to train a happy, cooperative dog.

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