There are many obvious reasons why come command should be included in your Labrador training.  Actually it is one of the most vital basic commands each dog must learn in order to guarantee safety.  Once the come command or recall is mastered, potentially perilous situation can be prevented by calling him to you.  Aside from safety reasons, mastery of the come command also gives your lab bigger freedom in some eventualities.  You can permit him to run readily when you’re out in the beach knowing that he can always reply each time you call.  

In a few cases, training a Labrador with come command can be tricky given the proven fact that this breed is sometimes described as intrepid and regularly mislabeled as hyperactive.  But nothing is unachievable with correct Labrador training tips.  Here is some advice to help train your Labrador with the come command:

– Start training indoors with your dog on leash.  Say your dog’s name followed by the word “come.” Do it in such a manner that will attract or inspire your pet to come (using excited tone, having treats prepared).  

– Praise him as fast as he comes to you.  

– If your Labrador doesn’t come, tug the leash slightly to draw in and encourage him to come.  Remember not to pull the leash cruelly to stop your dog from associating the command with something negative.  

– Once he has mastered the command inside, steadily train the command outdoors and off leash in a fenced-in yard.  

– Use the command frequently (during dinner, playtime, to give treats) and never use it to call your dog for negative things like punishment or baths.
– When you are teaching the come command, or any other command in fact, and your dog does not respond, don’t chase him around.  Though it’s driving you nuts, wait till he comes and if he does, never give punishment for it will only associate the command to something negative.  

– Labradors are smart dogs but don’t expect this command can be mastered in one session only.  Commence with the very basic and gradually build on it.  Training sessions should also be short as well as pleasurable.

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