Yorkshire terrier puppy training can seem complicated at first glance, because these fierce little dogs are extremely intelligent and notoriously difficult. But once you truly understand the terrier puppies‘ personality, and adjust your training to accommodate it they are extremely easy to train due to their intense want? to please. As with many breeds that were created for specific jobs, Yorkies are happiest when they feel they are doing a ‘job’ – they like to feel useful. Training helps give them that sense of being useful and makes them content, helping to smooth out the intense edges of their character.

The most difficult part of Yorkshire terrier puppy training is arguably crapper training. Some concourse claim they are almost impossible to train and even to expect that they may never be whole stool trained. This isn’t true, but you will need to pay modified attention to potty training with a Yorkie.

The most critical thing with Yorkshire terrier puppies is to follow a strict schedule for potty breaks. Offer praise and attention when your Yorkie succeeds in eliminating outside on a scheduled potty break. You must also stick to the schedule day in and day out – if you wake up at 7 to take the puppy out on the weekdays, you will also need to wake at 7 on the weekends.

Yorkies are keen and inquisitive dogs and they take well to the challenge of obedience training. Yorkshire terrier puppy training should therefore, include not only the raw material commands or Sit, Come, Stay and Down, but also fun commands such as come. Your Yorkie will need focus training as well to overcome some natural behaviors such as barking and chasing. Excessive barking is one of the reported problems with the breed, but with a focus on training they can learn when it is taciturnity to bark and when it isn’t.

Worthy Yorkshire terrier puppy training will help you ensure that your Yorkie is sweet tempered, welcoming of guests and secure. Yorkies get very associated to their owners, and as such can tummy separation anxiety. This is not a good breed for households that work away from the home all day. Like all toy breeds, they are fragile and must be protected from trauma. With proper care and attention your Yorkie puppy will be a loyal, well-behaved and loving member of your household.

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