German Sheperds are quite famous among family households because of their intelligence and quite sociable nature . German Sheperds are not tall at all though they are longer in shape . They are also muscular and athletic which makes them exciting to watch .  A German Sheperd’s head is quite proportional to the their body which makes them attractive . The male dogs of this breed have distinctively masculine features whereas the female dogs have slightly feminine despotion and facial features. The ears of German shepherd are erect and their eyes are almond in shape and medium in size.  They come in a variety of colours and are usually covered in hair around neck followed by short length hair around head, legs, and paws.

A German Sheperd is very brave and attentive especially to its master . They are also excellent to keep as working dogs and are hardly lazy or aggressive. They have amazingly marvellous learning abilities and are very much loyal to their master.  They behave in a very friendly and intimate manner around family members but are distrustful of strangers.  If trained properly and carefully, this breed is hardly found to show aggressive behaviour.  They also love to play around especially with children . German shepherd is found to be extremely good to be kept as watchdogs due to their energetic, confident, and careful nature.

The average size of German shepherd is 22 to 26 inches, and they weigh about 77 to 85 pounds. On average, a German Sheperd can live for up to sixteen years .

German shepherd is prone to health problems such as hip and elbow dysplasia. They are also vulnerable to some blood disorders and digestive issues as well . Other health problems found in this breed include dwarfism, persistent eczema, inflammation of the cornea, and flea allergies. 

German Sheperds are very vulnerable to swelling so it is very advisable to limit the quantity of food and water you give to them .  Therefore, it is recommended to feed four small meals in a day so as to avoid bloating in them.  Also, it is important to keep a check on them and if they show any signs of bloat they must instantaneously be taken to the vet as bloat can prove to be lethal within hours.  Other health issues common to German shepherd include spinal degenerative myelopathy and kidney problems.  Degenerative myelopathy causes weakening of their legs followed by complete loss of function over the period of time. This disorder is not curable and results in their ultimate death.

It is extremely important to brush their coat daily as this breed continuously sheds all through the year.  However, including raw meat and bones in their diet may help in reduction of the excessive shedding in them.

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