Dogs are usually a common sight to most households anywhere in the world . There are many breeds and kinds of dogs in the world and all have some special characteristic which differ from the other breed of dogs in one way or the other. A growing popular breed, the American Bullnese, is an athletic type of dog all owing to its French Bulldog and Pekingese influences .  They have a square shaped large sized head, and their neck is quite heavy with various folds of skin on it. American bullnese have wide chest, large eyes, heavy posture of legs, and they come in variant colours. This breed of dogs is quite jolly and is amazingly popular because of their friendly nature and affectionate and adorable temperament. With a social behavior and a sturdy look, the American Bullnese will make a perfect pet for you to own .

The average size of American bullnese ranges from 8.5 to 12 inches, and they weigh between 15 to 30 pounds. The observed life time of this breed is 10 to 15 years on average. Due to their short nose and wrinkled face, American bullnese are prone to develop health problems and skin infections if their wrinkles are not cleaned on regular basis.

American bullnese is found to be relatively inactive when kept indoors although it has a very loving and friendly nature. They require care regarding their hygiene on regular basis. Apart from that, they also demand a good amount of exercise in order to remain active and healthy.  American bullnese are highly responive in activities like fetching an object and playing around with some object or toys.

Another famous heavy and muscular breed of dogs is American Bulldog. They are quite active and have a lively and vigorous nature. American bulldogs are strong with a wide chest and sturdy bone structure.  This breed of dogs contains a variety of ear shapes such as rose shape, hanging ears, or half-pricked ears. They come in a variety of colours such as white, brown, brindle, red, and tan.

Despite of its reputation as an aggressive and mean-looking type of dog, the American Bulldog is still the perfect family pet for every family’s desire . A lot of care and effort is needed to train this breed to become a proper family pet, and once trained properly they prove out to be the best companions.  They are very playful and jolly with children and are dutiful towards their owner all the time. They can be aggressive in front of strangers which is why a lot of care is needed to train them to behave obediently and normally in front of outsiders as well.

American bulldog usually come in size range of 20 to 28 inches. Their weight is usually between 60 to 120 pounds. These breeds of dogs have a relatively longer life time and can live for almost 16 years.

If you want to be a proud owner of a cuddly pet, the best way is to hook up to the internet. There are a lot of dogs for sale out there that will surely be a perfet fit for your family.

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