Being a labrador owner isn’t merely having a four-legged pet you can accessorize or you may take anywhere you wish – premium quality dog food, grooming, correct labrador training and appropriate correction are far more important than pricey collars and top class holiday accommodation to some first class hotels. Without these essential things more specifically training and right correction, it would be impossible for you to raise an obedient labrador retriever you can be proud of.

Before your dog begins to develop bad habits, better train him with:

Unless you would like to clean after your dog’s mess for ten years or so, train him how to do his business correctly. A pet aware of where and when to urinate and defecate is absolutely a source of joy and pride of his owner.

This is the major foundation of every successful labrador training. Without socialization, a dog is more likely to become timid or aggressive and may acquire issues like barking, growling or biting. Beginning from day one, expose him to all kinds of things he may encounter later in life – vehicles, television, passersby, children giggling, delivery or mail man, other dogs and animals, bikers and so forth. Help them build positive associations with these things.

Handling and good manners.
The human contact plays a substantial role in raising a happy and healthy pet. You might need to rub his back to let him know that you are pleased with what he did or may need to open his mouth to examine and clean it. The moment your pup arrives home, or even before you take him home, handle and massage him as often as possible. Do so the way vets or groomers examine animals without forgetting the toes, ears, mouth, eyes and others.

Labrador training equipment.
Training can be made easy with training tools like collar, leash and clicker. Getting your dog accustomed to these tools early in life is a factor for success.

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