Unsuccessful border collie training is one of the reasons several discouraged owners abandon or turn over their pets to rescue centers. Being such smart and high energy dogs, for sure training a border collie can be difficult particularly if you are an inexoerienced owner who’s not thoroughly aware of the breed’s attributes and what training method best suits their needs.

The same with other dog breeds, training a border collie begins immediately after he arrives home, not three or half a year later. But training during this period doesn’t need to include any demanding lesson though. The most important thing is to prepare the puppy for more serious border collie training when the right time arrives.

The first step that should be taken to prepare the puppy is to get him used to being handled specifically by people. A dog that is used to being caressed in the back, cuddling or massages is less difficult to teach and is unlikely to bite. Furthermore, dogs who have been enjoying human contact ever since they were young are effortless to groom and examine too.

Training your new pup to get accustomed to common sights and sounds is just as important. Sounds produced by siren, doorbell, vehicle horns, children’s laughter and others should be introduced correctly. The same it goes with everyday scenes like the trash being collected, newspaper being delivered or somebody across the road is playing a ball. No matter what approach you used during introductions, one aim should remain – to help your pet build positive association with these sights and sounds. Socializing your puppy to the different atmosphere you brought him into will help him learn how to neglect distractions thus make border collie training less complicated. Training tools such as leash, collars, harness and crates ought to be introduced as well.

Indeed, the border collie breed is not for everybody, but so long as you arm yourself with the appropriate training ideas and prepare your pup in due time, for sure training this smart of a breed is not a problem.

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