Dogs bark and some breeds that are utilized as guard dogs are highly valued for their barking abilities. An excessively barking dog would get on the nerves of people even those considered to be dog lovers. Among the not so pleasant behaviors of dogs, excessive barking is the one that concerns most dog owners. A dog owner may be able to put up with the pet’s barking but other people will certainly be pestered by the noise. How will you deal with the incessant noise of the neighbor’s dog that pre4vents you from having a good night’s rest?

This is a tricky situation given the fact that you have no control over the neighbor’s dog. Shooting or hurting the dog is not an option unless you are prepared to be slapped with a legal suit. Something has to be done as you also have the right to have a decent night’s sleep. The neighbor will be next door for years to come and you surely would not want to have the person as an enemy thus a gentle confrontation is necessary.

Start with a gentle approach by talking to the neighbor about the excessive barking of the dog that keeps you awake all night. You are complaining about the dog but be sure to stay on friendly terms with the neighbor. Talking a mile a minute in an irritated voice will rile the neighbor and make him defensive. Take not of the date and time of your visit as well as times when the dog has become a nuisance. All these notes will come handy if ever you decide to take the matter to the small claims court.

If you have the money to spend and you want to avoid an altercation with the neighbor, you can go hi-tech and solve the concern by using an ultra sonic devices. More often than not, dogs that bark excessively are kept outdoors. The device that you can set up in your own yard will emit a shrill sound every time the dog barks. The squealing sound would be irritating to the dog thus it would altogether stop barking

You still have another option if technology fails and if your neighbor ignored your complaint. Just as the neighbor has a legal right to own a dog, you also have a right to a good night’s sleep and a peaceful surroundings. The next course of action is to take the matter to the authorities and bring in the animal control people or the local police.

How do you stop your neighbor’s dog from barking? More information on this and dog first aid can be found at Sarah’s Dogs.

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