London Puppies for Sale

Puppies grow up and become adults compared to human babies. They also have different stages in development which are also crucial to their well-being .  At first, you will certainly have a hard time choosing which breed are you going to buy as there are numerous cute ones out there. However, it is really important to determine and analyse as to which puppy will suit to your home and social environment easily and comfortably. If you are very particular with the size of your puppy, you really need to consider their breed as it is an important factor to their physical growth .

Quite similar to a human baby, a new born puppy is also blind and cannot hear as well . A puppy spends about 90% of its time sleeping while the rest 10% of the time is spend in eating during the first week when the puppy is born. During this time, they cannot even walk and rather just crawl around a little. Puppy opens its eyes and begins to see things when it is almost two weeks old. It starts to hear when it is two to three weeks old. Puppies whine when they feel hungry, cold, hot, uncomfortable, or distressed. The 90% of the time which puppy spends in sleeping actually helps in their growth.  Puppies are usually dependent on their mother during the initial weeks of their birth regarding foodstuff and comfort. They also learn the basic living requirement from their mother during the first few weeks of their birth .

Between the third and seventh week, the milk teeth of the puppy will finally appear . During third to seventh week, puppy starts to learn to socialize with other animals, people, and dogs around him. It is the time when puppy starts to walk as well. When the puppy is three weeks old, it starts to develop the sense of smell. Aside from learning how to walk, a pupply may also learn the basics of socializing such as barking and wagging its tail .

Up to its fourth week, Puppies usually spend most of their time with their mother . After 5th week, the mother starts leaving the puppies on their own.

The perfect time for a puppy to receive house training is when they are at least seven to twelve weeks old . They also begin to recognise their name during this time period. Initially, puppies are required to be fed at least four times a day. Gradually as the puppies grow, the puppy is needed to feed twice and then even once a day. Exercise is also important for puppies as well.

With the passage of time, puppies learn the training skills and learn to develop the habits as told by its master. Puppy’s permanent teeth begin to grow when it is 12 to 16 weeks old. Puppies also start to learn to chew food with the passage of time.  During this time, puppy also requires a lot of attention and praise for its little good deeds and behaviour.  Puppies reach complete maturity when they are about eight months of age.

If you are looking for London Puppies for sale, there are numerous online websites that lets you choose from a wide range of breeds.

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