Dog Memorials

Those who have owned a dog understands that special bond of friendship that can happen between human and canine. This is the reason when a dog becomes deceased, it can be as traumatic as losing a relative. The dog owner who experiences this special bond understands well why dog memorials are not just a wild idea.  A few reasons we need memorials are for people to process our grief and maybe could assist us in bidding goodbye and saying thank you for the time of joy that somehow this friend of ours brought us.

Everyone is different, so our memorials could have different depths of meaning.  Some people would be fine with a simple backyard ceremony with few words; other, maybe would like something more intricate like cremation, dispersing cremains over a place of sentimental value. For others, one would be fine having a favorite picture framed or a memory box filled with stuffs. Some would select putting some fur or a pinch of the pet’s cremains on a sealed locket.  However, none of those different dog memorials would work for some, for these people, these only serve as reminders of what has been lost.  The things they need is something that reminds them a little more about the happiness of a life well-lived, and something that do honor to their feelings.

This is why some people are choosing another option-to include the remains of their special friend in an inspirational masterpiece of design.  One artist in particular has generated an art collection just for this purpose: the Loving Hearts Tribute Series.  Every print the artist makes is a special edition; she paints heart-themed original painting and creates 100 utmost giclee print of each.  Upon selection of the dog owner, she/he submits the fur or ashes of the deceased animal for the artist to hand-finish the piece.  Each finished print is made on gallery-wrap canvas which is entirely suitable for display.

For many, this is a memorial that actually supports the healing process, because in a manner of speaking, your pet becomes an element of something beautiful and inspiring-something that can continue to bring joy and desire to others beyond its life time.  The heart-themed artwork gives a meaningful tribute in a tasteful way.

Like this art, good feelings and happy memories are preserved for a lifetime despite the fact the there isn’t any way of bringing back your special friend. For a few, a tribute this grand is not required, but for other, nothing less would do. The Loving Hearts Tribute Series might just be probably the most fitting of dog memorials.

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