If you are thinking of adopting a family dog then it’s possible that a greyhound or lurcher may not be the very first breeds that pop into your head. However, these dogs are wonderful companion pets plus the odds are you will be rescuing them from a life of hardship, as retired racing greyhounds are usually much mistreated.

Both greyhounds and lurchers really are peaceful, loyal dogs. They typically have a laid back nature and often have a tendency to be lazy. They generally adjust nicely to family life and will be friends with children with no serious issues. In return for a quiet home existence they’ll reward you with devotion and adoration for years to come.

Prior to deciding to adopt a greyhound or lurcher you have to do some truly serious thinking. Adopting virtually any family pet is actually a big task and you should ensure you understand what pet ownership entails.

To start with, you need to think about the expense of ownership. Your greyhound will be needing regular 12-monthly vaccinations and it is wise to get the dog micro chipped if this hasn’t been done. On a more regular basis you will have to supply a premium quality greyhound food. Greyhounds and lurchers have a very distinct diet plan and it is not really recommended to provide a conventional pet food product. A good greyhound and lurcher food should incorporate close to 17% protein.

Secondly, have you got a home environment that is right for a greyhound? They are laid back canines nonetheless they do reap the benefits of frequent exercise. Have you got a back garden or backyard that will enable them space to roam without restraint? And will you be prepared to provide the dog at least one good walk on a daily basis? In case you are not really ready to accomplish this, in any weather, a dog of virtually any breed is not the appropriate family pet for you.

Furthermore, you’ll want to purchase some accessories. Both greyhounds and lurchers are extremely short haired and therefore really can sense the chilly weather during the winter season. A cotton coat is the ideal solution to this matter. Additionally, you’ll want to purchase a dog lead for walks, a variety of toys and also a bed or blanket that gives a comfortable sanctuary for rest.

If you feel you can meet all of the above criteria a greyhound or lurcher will make an excellent pet for the family home.

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