How to get rid of dog bad breath

Dogs are very affectionate animals that have the penchant to give its human family sloppy kisses. An owner though would be turned off by this big show of affection if the dog has bad breath. A strong bond is formed between the family and the four legged friend thus it is not surprising if the dog constantly receives hugs and kisses from the members of the family. This is why a bad doggie breath can be a major concern for pet owners.

Dogs are believed to have strong teeth. A dog’s strong and sharp teeth can break bones easily. In order to escape confinement, a dog will use its strong teeth to bore holes through thick concrete walls. However, dogs suffer from teeth, gum and mouth problems too. The rotten smell can be caused by periodontal disease.

Dogs are indiscriminate eaters thus rotten things will end up in the dog’s mouth. The foul breath can be due to bacteria in the dog’s mouth. The stinky mouth of the dog should not be taken for granted as it can be a sign that something is seriously wrong with the health of the pet.

Before giving the pet a lot of pet breath mints that would last for about five minutes, why not take the dog to the vet so that a pro will rule out any underlying disease that may be the cause of the bad breath. The dog is usually sedated to give the vet a free hand to thoroughly examine and clean the teeth. The examination will disclose if the dog is harboring a foreign objects inside its mouth or has a gum problem. You need to shell out cash for the dental cleaning of the pet but what is a few dollars if you can say goodbye to the dog’s bad breath.

The bad breath of the dog can be reduced if the pet is regularly brushed. Brushing should be made a part of the dog’s regular grooming routine. Regular brushing will remove plaques and tartars that cause bad breath. Use specially designed toothbrush and doggie toothpaste. A dog that have a stinky breath may have digestive problems. Some foods given to the dog promote the buildup of bad breath causing plaque. The build up of plaque that is one of the cause for the dog bad breath can be prevented by changing the diet of the dog.

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