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When taking care of a newly born puppy, you need to realize that the experience can be as exciting as taking care of a new born baby though it also involves tougher times as well . Ample knowledge of the different stages of growth of a puppy can really help you in raising your puppy effectively and training them faster . Puppy care requires you to pay attention and a considerable amount of attention to the puppy.

When a puppy is born, it is blind, deaf, and even has no teeth. Puppy begins to see things when it is almost two weeks old. During the first four weeks, puppies are highly dependent upon their mother regarding food, shelter, and protection. In order to express their feelings and emotions, they usually cry or moan . During the initial few weeks, puppies spend most of their time sleeping which helps in the growth of the puppies.

The milk teeth of the puppy appear when it is three to seven weeks old. Puppies usually learn the basic dog skills and behaviour from its mother. The mother usually lets the puppy interact with other animals and people around him during the first few weeks so as to make him able to socialise comfortably with the environment around him. If not done so, the puppies always find it difficult to interact with environment and people around him when they grow old.

During the initial weeks of development, the puppies are also taught to learn to bark in different manners and also to recognise what different barking sounds actually mean. This is very vital for them to communicate effectively and be able to create relationships with other dogs .

After the puppy is more than four weeks old, the mother gradually starts to spend time away from puppies so as to make them rely on their own for food, protection, and shelter.  At this stage, puppies should start receiving their vaccinations in order to immunize them from certain bacteries and viruses which may harm their physical well-being.  The vaccines provided are generally against health problems such as hepatitis, distemper, leptopirosis, parainfluenza, parvovirus, rabies, and bordetella.

If you intend on bringing a puppy to your home, the first thing you need to make sure about is the area you are going to reserve especially for puppy’s potty training. Training puppies to not mess around except for the place provided to him is really the most important task in the training of the puppy.   Also, you need to make sure that the place where puppy is going to spend most of its time are clean and do not contain anything that may harm or fear the puppy. These are some of the initial steps you need to cater for before you bring the puppy to your house.

If you want to buy London Puppies, you can always visit online websites that give such offer. You can also receive tips that will help make your puppy a better pet for all.

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