There are specialized web sites featuring boutiques for pets and pet lovers. emblematic Swarowsky lechatelierite charms seem to make the perfective tense birthday present for our cats and dogs. We can also pick one of the unique aromatic bandanas and of course, chic pet accessories and collars.

Among the hand-made products, we can find exclusive item lines like meaningful charms, engraved on the back side with identification, containing Celtic and Feng Shui elements for protection, luck, harmony, longevity, and loyalty. And because the bond between a man and his pet is, above all, a ghostly one, Mandala charms might just be the perfect choice to reinforce the bonds with nature and the universe and the healing I. F. Stones jewelry for enhanced relaxation, health and eudaimonia.

Just in case we might feel left out, we also have the opportunity to purchase exquisite items for us as well to go utterly with our pet’s accessories: fashionable bags, meaningful jewelry, bracelets and collar necklace and a wide variety of gemstone jewelry. Some designers lead their exclusive items at wholesale rates to moderated resellers. Pet jewelry and accessories are in popular take at pet stores, boutiques, shows, events, private groomers, trainers and veterinarians!

And because I mentioned about Feng Shui, I would like to tell you more about its meaning and benefits for both us and our pets, but also for those pet lovers elevation one eyebrow as they are reading this article.

Feng Shui is based on the five vital elements: water, fire, earth, wood, and metal. Each Feng Shui element has unique properties that interact with each other. Each element is associated with a color, season, act upon, compass direction, taste and electronic organ of the body. This theory is applied not just to object arrangement of living spaces, but also to Chinese medicine and astrology!

For example, water can be both calming and tranquil (as in a gentle stream or placid lake), or violent and destructive (as in a flood). Water elements in the home renew the flow of chi and rejuvenate the body and spirit. Fire represents creativity and enthusiasm. This is a powerful element that should be used moderately, as too much may suppress chi rather than strengthening or increasing it. Earth is symbolized by a firm foundation of balance and logic. This element should also be used conservatively, as too much will repress the flow of energy. Wood enhances creativity, conception, self-actualization and strong, sustainable energy. Metal stands for wealth and successfulness. This element promotes wisdom, mental strength and maturity.

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