We all have to buy several birthday presents a year for a variety of people. It may be your boyfriend , your mother, one of your colleagues or even your dog ! One thing is pretty sure though, a lot of the time you’ll be facing the same questions. What will I get? How much should I spend? What do they want?

Well we don’t have all the answers to everyone’s questions, but we have gleaned some pointers from observation what is popular with  customers. So, we thought we’d put this information here for you and perhaps it might help you to decide what to get.

Here are some of the questions that you might want to ask yourself when you’re shopping and some of the common mistakes people make when reaching a decision of what to get … Good luck!

A girl or a guy?
Yes I know its an visible question that you’ll hopefully already have the answer to when you’re deciding, but it is very important. Here’s why. In a lot of cases men will be buying for girls and vice versa . That’s where the issue begins because people frequently try to imagine   what type of birthday gift they’d like to get…. And guess what? He may not want a make-up bag ! She may not want to fly a remote controlled helicopter around the house. I know one guy who decided to really treat his wife and got her a GPS for her birthday. It cost a fortune, it was state-of-the-art technology…and she’s never used it!

How old are they ?                                         
This is a very key one for a lot of reasons. You may be buying for a girl, but whether she’s a newborn, a kid, a teenager, a young woman or a pensioner will have a big impact on what you ultimately should get them. Again, it’s a case that many times , people just imagine about what they would want and they go and get that as a birthday present. Its also really important to watch out for those important milestones and events.

Newborn Gifts and Baby Gifts – a mistake here means the parents will always remember you for it, but so will a good choice! You’re really buying for the parents here by the way. The days of just sending over a bouquet are pretty much gone. With the current economic climate that most of us are having to live with, there has never been a better time to choose a practical gift for the proud new mom and dad .

16th birthdays and 21st birthdays – always important to make sure that you buy for them not for you. At this age, they can bear a grudge and you can’t afford to have that. With technology and gadgets moving at the speed at which they do now, it may be challenging to work out precisely what the new hot trend is going to point you in the direction of the perfect birthday present. So before committing to spending too much on a gift which may not even be wanted, consider choosing something more personal and timeless. An original gift will often save you a lot of money and say a lot more if you just take the time to find that something a little quirky.

30th Birthday – You’ll have to really treat them here because this is where they work out who loves them by the gift they get . You have to be original and ingenious here because they read a lot more into the present. It needs to be practical, trendy or catchy, to their taste and probably more than you’d commonly spend on them. Keep in mind that they may have recently either got their own place or decided on a life changing path. A gift that helps them with this will be well received .

40th Birthday – Well, to be honest, all the milestones are important when it comes to birthdays. 40, 50, 60 etc.. But, hitting the big 4 0 is a traumatic experience no matter what they say. Its that age where you really can’t fool yourself anymore. You are now a grown-up and you do have to start behaving like one. Thoughts of pension planning and the direction that life is taking all start to bubble to the surface. For this juncture, it’s a good idea to either celebrate the event with a present that connects to that part of their life that they are leaving with a touch or retro or similar, or to connect to their future with anything from a Racing Granny to a good practical gift for the home.

The important thing is not to leave it until the last minute. Think ahead and try to leave yourself ample time to make the right decision when buying a birthday present. Panicking at the last minute and throwing more money at a purchase than you had planned may solve your problem in the short term, but may go to waste in the long term!

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