There may be some substances that may not seem poisonous, but cause bad effects on pets when ingested. Due to this reason, pet owners need to make efforts to have their houses free of poison. They are interested in ensuring that their companion animals aren’t able to get into anything poisonous.

Curiosity is the nature of pets and they will usually eat anything that is interesting to them. They don’t know what foods might harm them. It will be good for owners to know what these poisonous substances are so that their pets will be protected.

Surprisingly enough, some of the most common incidents in which pets are poisoned involve instances in which their owners give them medicines that are meant for human use. It doesn’t have to be said that pets metabolisms and people’s metabolisms are not the same. Something which is beneficial to humans may actually be poisonous to pets. There are some substances which pets are unable to break down. They face the risk of overdose as these can get collected in the system over a period. Collection of large amounts in the system could be toxic to pets, even if the substances by themselves may not be dangerous. Before using any medicine on your pet, you should check with the veterinarian.

Nicotine is very toxic to pets and is located in tobacco products. Aside from cigars and cigarettes, nicotine is also a component of certain gums and patches that are designed to help people quit smoking. Owners should take special care if any of these poisonous items are lying around the house, and make sure that pets do not have access to them because small amounts are poisonous and can lead to severe sickness or death. The poisonous dose for pets is half an mg to an mg of nicotine per pound of body weight, while the lethal dose is about 4 mg per pound.

Grapes look like a healthy choice, but are toxic to canines. Kidney might collapse due to the poisonous substance found in them. The toxin has not yet been discovered, so its exact nature is still unknown. In raisins, however, as studies show, it is more poisonous, as a result of a higher concentration. Be sure that raisins and grapes are kept out of your dog’s reach both inside and outside as they may be lured by the sweet taste of these toxic items.

Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that also contains substances that are toxic to dogs. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that comes from birch, corn, plums, and raspberries. It’s a replacement for sugar that you will find in sugar-free products. The poison can lower blood sugar in animals quickly, as soon as 30 minutes after the pet has eaten it.

Lots of common substances found around the house can poison your pet. Not all things that are safe for human use and consumption are safe for them as well. Some might not seem toxic, however pet owners should be cautious all the time. Poisonous substances can be found in the most unexpected places.

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