Dogs are considered as the most reliable of pets in the whole world. The degree of faithfulness they display towards their master is a testament to their very likable nature . The loyal nature and obedient behaviour of dogs has made it the best companion of human beings over the course of time. Regardless of their differences or even age, dogs remail loyal to their master whatever happens .

Love, affection and care are the things that every dog need in order to survice in this world. A kind gesture of appraisal from its master makes the dog really happy and cheerful. Otherwise, a dog may feel sad and embarrassed whenever it hears a harsh tone from its master .

Usually, medium sized dogs are recommended to be kept as pets because they can easily be handled, and moreover they adapt easily into the city life. Larger dogs require a larger area in order to do some walking and some exercises as well .

It is really important to be mentally ready before you go out to buy a dog for yourself. As a responsible owner, it is very crucial to feed the dog in a regular interval and also give them proper and effective training. Moreover, hygiene is another most crucial factor in keeping a dog as a pet as unhealthy hygiene and improper treatment regarding their health can lead to several diseases and allergies which may also be harmful to humans as well. Moreover, dogs are sensitive animals, and therefore, they should never be mistreated or mishandled or else they may bite you in order to defend themselves.

In ancient times, dogs were used for hunting and even today some breeds of dogs still have the hunting instincts in them. Pet dogs adapt well to the home environment, and they usually do not like to be left alone for a longer period of time.

Dogs have thousands of breeds with all of them having distinct characteristics, different sizes and varied colors as well . German shepherd and Doberman pinscher are two famous breeds of dogs which are usually known for their aggressive nature and energetic temperament. Beagle and cocker spanial are famous for their lively and joyful nature. Other breeds such as collie and Welsh corgi are famous to be used for herding. Along with this, all types of dogs fit well to life of man and its indoor and outdoor environment.

Dogs have also proved to be really helpful in various research tasks, medical experiments, and other space science activities. Dogs were also tested by Soviet scientists to test the liability and chances of survival of mammals in space before humans went there. Today, dogs are also used as guards to keep away strangers and thieves or other such strange people. Police and other such forces use dogs to search for the escaped prisoners and other such related activities.

In you want to own your very own pet dog now, you can visit several online websites that lets you choose the type of dog that you want. It is exciting to know that there are numerous dogs for sale all over the internet with each one having special and unique traits.


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