Dog agility training has to be one of my favorite activities, it’s a fantasic way to keep you and your dog fit and have a lot of fun doing it. Despite being harder than other training options, it is far more enjoyable. Firstly, if you haven’t heard of dog agility training it is a sport for dogs and owners . Due to the enjoyability of this activity it has gained worldwide support that is continuously growing. In a competition scenario there would be a main event with several different courses. A number of obstacles, usually about 26 are set for dog and owner to complete. The goal is for your dog to complete the course without getting any faults with the quickest time to win. Sounding easy enough? It’s time for you to think again. There are some easy obstacles whereassome obstacles are relatively easy others are extremely difficult. There are 2 different types of courses, there are jumping and there are agility courses. At the jumping course the dog must jump over a variety of objects at varying heights. In agility courses there are contact points on obstacles which your dog must touch with their paws. This requires a lot of dog agility training. However in order to compete, you must be a member of your countries national dog club or body. If you are a member of one of these clubs your training will be enhanced greatly as you can train in a professional environment with other dog owners. Clubs don’t allow agility training of dogs until they are at least one year old. Some trainers train their dogs from the age of 6 weeks, however, I usually leave it till a bit later on as it can be dangerous for dogs at this age. In fact, you can purchase obstacles to train with from many different companies, if you so desire to start training at home Before your first show you must put in hours and hours of training to ensure that your dog is in its best possible position to perform well. For starters you dog must be capable of completing the full course. Forgive me for making dog agility sound like hard grueling work and not the fun it really is. It’s all worth it for the end result of performing in front a large audience of people!Love My Dog Training Guide

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