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There are more then ten million Americans who have an allergy to pollen alone, this is about one in every five people in the United States.  Allergy suffers have a disorder in their immune system, this is what makes the symptoms.  There are many people that are super sensitive to dust, pollen, nuts, and bees these are allergies that could be life threatening if it turn into an anaphylactic reaction and not treated right away.


There are less allergens that are found in the air of hoter dryer climates, and in humid and cooler climates there are considerably more allergens.  In the spring and early summer is another time that there are a lot of allergens in the air this is because the plants and the trees are budding and this helps out the pollen.


Antihistamines, decongestants, and also nasal spray are medical treatments that help ward off some of the uncomfortableness of allergies.  But any expert in the allergy field will say that the best way to treat the allergy is to stay away form it.  Inside of your home you should look into using an air cleaner that has a HEPA filter.  Filters that are HEPA eliminate just about all dust, and pollen out of the air.  If you happen to be allergic to smoke, look into an activated carbon filter, they work awesome. 


Ask anybody you know with an allergy how many different symptoms that they have, they will have a long list.  New products are now available to aid on allergy problems.  In the United States there are an increasing amount of people that have allergies, when people get tested over fifty percent have at least one allergen.  If you suffer from any type of allergy you should be able to fond somebody else that has the exact some allergy.

Dogs and cats are prone to ear canal infections and mites, particularly when they spend considerable periods of time outside the house. Although this is hardly ever life-threatening, mites and microbe infections are frustrating for the pets and can leave them off-colour and unhappy.

You will often become aware that your pet has an ear canal infection when he or she begins itching or attempting to gnaw at his / her ears. It may well seem that this provides little respite to the animal and he or she may begin whimpering at the irritation of it all! Obviously, it is usually wise to take your pet to the animal medical practitioner should you be worried and have your furry friend looked over expertly, but additionally, there are supplementary solutions available which are completely natural and therefore not likely to have any distressing side-effects.

PetAlive’s Ear Dr is one kind of solution. It is a mixture of natural herbal substances in a medicinal olive oil base which is developed to enhance the health of the skin and structures within your dog or cat’s ear canal. The ingredients in PetAlive’s Ear Dr contain the following:

Tea Tree Oil – this essential oil has been used by Australian Aborigines for years and years for its outstanding therapeutic properties. It has germ killing, anti-bacterial, antifungal and antiviral actions. Recent reports have backed its use as a topical application in natual skin care and it has been shown to be effective in combating the deleterious effects of the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus – a frequent cause of ear infections.

Rosemary – this oil is a favourite in the world of aromatherapy for its uses as a restorative tonic and for being able to soothe dry, irritated skin – a thing the animal may suffer from as a side-effect of any ear infection due to the continuous need to scratch. It also helps to promote skin integrity and boosts the skin’s normal ability to resist contamination.

Marigold – this oil has anti-parasitic properties and is also anti-inflammatory. It has exceptional benefits to the skin when used topically and will reduce the need to scratch.

Verbascum Thapsus – usually referred to as the Common Mullein – is a species of plant native to Europe, Northern Africa and Asia. It is popular in herbal remedies to give respite from earaches. Recent studies have shown that V. Thapsus contains specific substances that have a bactericide effect.

Using PetAlive’s Ear Dr. is pretty straightforward – all you have to do is tip your dog or cat’s head to the side and let a few drops to fall directly into the ear canal. Then massage the oil around, making certain as much of the ear’s passageway is covered. A lot of canines, especially, will relish this massage and indeed, look forward to it, particularly when the drops are at room temperature or a bit warmer. Ear Dr. should be used 2-3 times each day for a minimum of seven days. If your pet suffers with chronic ear canal infections, it is strongly recommended that Ear Dr. is used 1-2 times each week as a preventative.

Even though it is wise to consult with a vet wherever your animal’s health and fitness is concerned, PetAlive’s Ear Dr is a product which may be utilized in conjunction with prescribed medicine safely, as well as alone. A 100% safe and natural remedy to help keep your dog or cat’s ears clean, infection-free and healthy.

 The golden retriever enthusiasts understand the difference between the actual color of the golden retriever and its origination and the differences between European and American golden retrievers.   However, for the ordinary dog lover the only difference can be the color which can range from creamy, dark to almost a red color.  There have been many discussions between the American and European Kennel club in regards to the classification of Golden Retrievers. 

White golden retrievers are referred to with a large alteration of names including English cream golden retrievers, English golden retrievers, European golden retrievers, blonde golden retrievers, British cream golden retrievers, white goldens,  platinum blond goldens or light golden retrievers.  These names are primarily used in America to differentiate between the Kennel Club Standard for British golden retrievers and those that were bred in America.  Although pureblood white golden retrievers can be registered with the American Kennel Club, there are a lot of differences between American and European golden retrievers.  The visible top difference is the color of their coats.  American golden retriever standards call for a golden color of various shades.  Both extremely pale or an extremely dark color is undesirable while the European standard calls for any shade of gold or cream but neither red nor mahogany. 

 The nature of the golden retrievers’ coats can fluctuate between the American golden retrievers to the white golden retrievers.  Golden retrievers were primarily bred to be hunting dogs. The hunters expected the golden retrievers to endure harsh climates, cold winters, run through bush lands and cross lakes and rivers.  The American golden retrievers have longer coats and the coat is very thick with lots of hair.  The white golden retrievers have larger facial features such as mouth, nose and are also more masculine in nature.  Another major difference between American and European Golden retriever clubs is the acceptance of the ear of the golden retriever which causes two different standards between the Kennel clubs. The American Kennel club expects for the golden retriever to have its ears behind and above the level of the eyes, whereas the British Kennel club wants the ears at the same level as the eyes. 

White golden retrievers present qualities which are in great demand by pet owners and dog lovers.  They are laid back, happy, intelligent, and love all human.  They are energetic, great with kids and other pets and are willing and eager to please their owners.  With the different amount of names given to white golden retrievers, it shows a huge interest in the dogs in the United States.  The number of white golden retrievers in America has been growing steadily in the past years.  Even though they would not stand to win in any of the American Kennel Club shows, the white golden retriever has entered the lives of the people here and has won over their hearts with their shiny disposition and their love for all people.

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Dog Training Tools and Aids

Countless people I have spoken to simply believe that dog training tools do not offer any benefits, but just serve to take your money from you. This is wholly untrue. Dog training tools are in actual fact almost essential to be able to train your dog to an excellent standard in all disciplines. There are many aids available but only a certain few will work with your dog and his temperament.
You may not know this, but some of the best training tools are in fact human food, giving your dog some human food when he has done something as asked will work wonders towards this continuing in the long run. This is an incredibly cheap and effective training tool, however, should you wish to spend more money, you have lots to pick from.
Dog agility training tools available to you include anti bark collars. Many dogs have a problem when they do dog agility. It is due to the fact that when they get in front of a crowd, they get excited which usually means they start to bark. Anti bark collars do one of two things or sometimes both, they give a small electric charge when your dog barks and spray some water up into their face. Contrary to what others may tell you, this is not cruel and certainly not animal abuse. It simply tells your dog not to bark. These kinds of collars are available from all good pet shops.
Dog clickers are now the weapon of choice for obedience training aids. They involve the owner clicking a clicker to request their dog to sit. Another aid available is a harness; this gets fitted around your dog’s upper body so when you are teaching him to heel, a slight tug on the harness pulls him back completely.
There are also dog training aids available for around the home. These are simple and effective. Most people leave the purchase of dog training aids to the last minute, however, they can be fun so invest in some today and have fun whilst training your dog!

Dog Training – Where to start
Dog Training Blogs

How NOT to Train Your Dog

Nearly every dog owner wants to train their dog properly.  However, nearly an equal number seriously miscalculate the amount of time and effort it takes to teach a dog.  This results in a familiar set of missteps that are often made that could, with more or less effort, be wholly evaded.

Dogs should not be treated as furry children.  Even though the average dog has the intellectual development of a two year old human, there are more contrasts than similarities.  While dogs are incredible at processing language, they are unable to rationalize as people do.  They can’t connect cause and effect the way people do.

For instance , when you order your dog to “go lie down” you may want him to head to his sofa dog bed or crate .  At the outset , if you don’t assist him to make the connection between the command and his dog bedding by actually taking him there as you are expressing the command, you are setting him up for frustration .

This can start being highly frustrating as the same command is repeated over and over, and the dog appears to brush off the commands.  usually it is not brushing off the command; it is likely that they don’t understand it.  It appears it should be straightforward because they’ve displayed the proper behavior many times previously, but today they are being headstrong.

Some dogs probably would be called stubborn if they were human.  However, they can be thrown off easily or not be able to put together the command of “sit” today with yesterday’s behavior and subsequent reward.  There are some possible explanations for this behavior.

Patience is the one character trait that dog owners need to have.  You must be ready to repeat those same commands over and over again, knowing that there are times when you won’t get the results you expect and are looking for.  There are many dogs that may take up to two years to learn commands past the most simple to the degree that it really becomes second nature.

Always remember that patience means that you hold your temper when what you actually want is to smack or yell at your dog.  It’s normal to think about taking the easy route of corporal punishment as the first reaction for correcting the dog’s behavior.  On the other hand, this should be reserved for only the most serious situations.  The dog doesn’t really understand why they’re being swatted.  This will not result in confidence, but rather fear.

However, dogs are like people because they too will more readily seek to please those that are trusted than those that are feared.  They only follow those that they fear when they have no other option.  But dogs make decisions very differently than humans do.  They usually withstand any punishment they undergo without actually learning from it.  Corporal punishment is not a compelling way of training.

Here’s how NOT to Train your dog:

  •  Fail to remember that your dog processes information differently than humans and speak to them like they were people.
  •  Continue to think that a dog can connect events across time and situationscome to the same conclusion as you.
  •  Get frustrated and intolerant when they don’t act as you want them to. Swat them for not behaving the way you want.

Follow these totally fruitless methods and you’ll end up with a unstable dog and you will be an unhappy owner. But if these aren’t the results you are looking for, be ready to change YOUR behavior, before you try to change the behavior of the dog.

You have done all your research and found the best dog boarding kennel for your beloved pet. You have toured the facilities, taking your dog with you so that he can check things out too. You?ve asked all the right questions, and gotten all the right answers. But you are still wondering how the actual stay itself will go for your pet. Will she miss you? Will he be scared or nervous? Most dogs will experience a certain level of anxiety when being away from their home, but there are a lot of things you can do to reduce the stress your dog may feel when staying at a dog boarding kennel. These tips will help you and your dog relax a little more.

1. Leave something with them that smells like home. Their bed or blanket, or even one of your t-shirts (before you wash it). The familiar scent will provide them comfort in this new environment.

2. Give your dog something to chew on. The act of chewing releases neurotransmitters in the brain which helps dogs relax. Even if your dog doesn?t normally chew on toys at home, it might help him relax when you are not around. Make sure you provide a safe chew toy; my favorite brands are Kong and Nylabone.

3. Keep your dog on her regular diet. Stress can cause gastro-intestinal issues, no need to exacerbate that by switching up her food! If the dog boarding kennel you chose will not feed your dog the food you provide, consider another kennel.

4. Set a good example for your pet by remaining calm and collected! As you probably already know, your dog is super sensitive to your feelings and emotions. Allow plenty of time when you drop your pet off so that you are not rushed. Say a quick, upbeat goodbye, and leave knowing you have chosen a great and the staff will take good care of your dog. If you have a hard time staying un-emotional, ask a friend or family member to drop off your dog for you. You will be doing yourself and your pet a favor.

There are also several ways that a good kennel can help reduce your dog?s anxiety. If you haven?t narrowed down a dog boarding kennel yet, or even if you have, there are some key questions you should ask to make sure your dog has the most pleasant stay possible.

1. Do they maintain a regular feeding and playtime schedule? Continuity is important to dogs. They are creatures of habit and will be comforted by routine.

2. Is each kennel separated by a solid wall? Your dog will feel safe and secure in his kennel if it feels like it?s his own little doggie den.

3. Do dogs play in small play in small playgroups? More than eight dogs to a group are too many and will cause your dog unnecessary stress.

4. How often do the dogs get outside? Four or more times a day is optimal, two times is the absolute minimum! Some dog boarding kennels will expect your dog to stay outside and play all day. If this is the case, make sure they are given structured down time. Even the most energetic dog needs to rest and nap

Keep in mind that regardless of the dog boarding kennel you choose, and how well adjusted and outgoing your pet is, your pet is going to experience a certain level of stress. Remind yourself that you have done a great job choosing the kennel, and providing your dog with all the tools necessary to stay calm and relaxed, and then try to relax a little yourself ? you deserve it!

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What to do if your dog attacks you

Dogs form a legendary attachment with their owners. Anyone observing a dog would easily see the signs of this strong attachment as dogs are always eager to see their masters. The seemingly smiling eyes, the relaxed ears, the lolling tongue and the enthusiastically wagging tail are signs that the dog is happy and excited to see the master.

The working and personal relationship that exist between man and dogs was formed thousands years ago. Due to the close bond, dogs are believed to offer man not only affection and companionship but compassion as well. However, statistics tell us that almost five million dog attack incidents occur in US and most of the victims were attacked by their own dogs.

Putting an unmanageable dog to sleep would be the last option a pet parent would take as these animals are well loved and considered as a member of the family. The priority of a dog owner though is to protect the family from the attacks of the aggressive pet. Despite domestication, dogs have retained the high prey drive and the cunning, territorial, ferocious behaviors they have inherited form their wolf ancestors. The latent aggressive nature of the dog will surface once triggered by a situation in the environment especially if the dog was trained by the owners to fight and to be aggressive. Even well mannered dogs can still attack, what will you do?

An attack situation calls for presence of mind to be able to evade the attack of the pet that has suddenly gone berserk. Dogs are pack animals and as such they would use aggression to dominate any pack member. Dogs that attack may have gone out of control but if the animal was obedience trained, it is highly probable that the dog would respond to a given command. You are still the alpha male and a “sit” or “stay” command given in an authoritative voice would bide you sometime to get to safer ground.

You can never out run a dog and running will rouse the dog’s prey drive. Staring into the eyes of the dog would not be a good idea as it can be misconstrued by the dog as a sign of your willingness to fight. Dogs are experts in sensing fear in humans and when they do, they will take advantage of the situation and attack. If the attacking dog cannot be stopped curl into a ball to protect your face and your throat.

What to do if your dog attacks you? More information on this and first aid for dogs can be found at Sarah’s Dogs.

A Dog’s Disease Called Rabies

Dog Health Tip


One of the principally dreadful diseases caused by a virus in several animals is the rabies. You can be infected by it if an animal that has the virus bites you. Most of the rabies viruses in dogs can travel via the contaminated saliva, but fluids that come from the eyes, mouth, and nose are also be unsafe. The disease proliferates throughout the nervous system of the unlucky victim through the broken bloodstream caused by the bite. When the viruses launch to multiply themselves in the nervous system, then it will begin to rule the victim over matters. Dogs are not the only sufferers of rabies. Skunks, cats, and bats can get the infection, too. Worse, even people can die if they discover the infection at a later time.
At first, the presence of the virus is not noticed for three weeks up to two months (or it may vary to the species). Normally, a dog turns weaker in is observed with uncontrollable behaviors. As the thing gets worse, it dies eventually.
Indications that your dog is affected with rabies virus:

Health For Dogs
<b> Disorganization, coldness, fever </br>
<b> Too much frailty and loss of appetite even to his favorite mealsLoss of taste leading to weakness </br>
<b> Salivation and foaming of saliva in the mouth opening </br>
<b> The behavior and the bark tone slowly change </br>
<br> Eating indigestible items like plastics, rugs, papers </br>
<br> Shows inconsistent behavior and panicWandering and sudden changes in behaviors </br>
<br>Abnormal dilation of pupils </br>

<br> Does not tire and often walks around
<br> Incessantly barks </br>
<br> Gets easily irritated and aggressive </br>
<br> Hyperactive and sometimes shows tenseness </br>
<br> Responsiveness to noise or any stimuli </br> <br>
Not presenting of fear even to humans and animals he used to fear of </br>
<br> Uncontrollable seizure </br>
<br> Jaw and muscle increasingly become paralyzedParalization of muscle and chops </br>
<br> Uneasiness in drinking and eating </br>
Immediately visit your pet’s clinical provider if any of the symptoms above are occurring to him. Be sure that he is receiving his vaccine on a regular basis.
You can boost the immunity of your dog against this rabid disease.There are ways to prevent the dog in contracting rabies. Due to an increasing number of rabies cases every year, the vaccine shots have become widely available throughout. Rabies shots will at least help to feel at ease when someone is bitten by your dog. There are vaccines that is effective for one year. Through study, a vaccine to last for three years has been developed. Also, always make constant that every place he goes is clean and well-maintained.
The other way of assuring your and the health of the people around you is through becoming aware of your dog’s health condition. Rabies is outspread and has been multiplying for hundreds of years.The virus is too small and really hard to notice, so it proves that it is not that simpleto destroy them by plain techniques. Engage your family in learning the rabies disease. The health security of your community depends on how well you’d take care of your dog.

Dog Health Tip

The Luxury Log Cabins supply an individual space which can often be chosen based on your holiday wishes and are much less dear contrasted to a hotel stay or a B&B. Additionally, it is more homely and non-public so you can enjoy a peaceful and quiet stay in some of the most lovely areas of the United Kingdom. If you planned your holiday some way in advance, it is going to be a smooth and relaxed experience that you will be looking forward to and in the choice of location you most like. Entering into such holiday is on a rising trend in England and you can enjoy the lovely perspectives which start from the highlands of Scotland to the beaches of Brighton-on-Sea.

As well as the countryside, you can take time out to explore the towns in your selected area like Bath or York as old fashioned culture of Edinburgh to name only a few. In reality the log cabins are spread across the length of UK which offers a massive assortment of options when it comes to taking your holiday.  There’s a common parable that Luxury Log Cabins are sometimes found only in the countryside and you can also enjoy passing time relaxing on the coast as well and some are found a long way from the cities and cities and it will definitely be a brilliant chance for you to relax and have a bit of fun with your families.

Anytime of the year you can get away and stay in the log cabins and Christmas is just the time when you might want to take time out with your complete family and the cabins turn out to be a really handy choice. If you opt to celebrate with your whole family then staying in a hotel becomes not possible since putting up so many folk can prove to be financially not possible. If that is the case the luxury Log Cabins are the best alternative and offer you plenty of beautiful places to stay and there are numerous occasions where log cabins turn out to be a first-class vacation option. If you can essentially book a cabin that has got a fireside and a kitchen, it’d present you with a homely and pretty Xmas with the people you like.

I think this would be the most effective way to celebrate such festive occasions and I would strongly urge you to order a cabin to unwind, relax and chill out after a year of tricky work. In the UK, you can select Log Cabin Holidays found at snow-clad mountains of the Scottish highlands where you can hear the sweet music of the bagpipers ringing through the mountains. Otherwise, if you love to be in an active environment, you can select a cabin that’s close to the town area and party all night with your friends. This would really be a nice and possibly the most cheap holiday you may ever get in the luxury log cabins accommodation.

Nowadays the best dog meal nutrition can be produced obtainable for your lovable pooch. You can find numerous brand names and excellent items that offer a dog good vitamin supplements.  This is not only good for your dog, but it can also be a great source for pain relief for dogs.

Now the advance facility of shopping gives a chance to buy your entire canine item online from pc. There are numerous distinct type products that can give finest dog meal nutrition out there in industry and net with distinct cost as well as top quality. Moreover, the interactive feature of web to search these whole solutions is interesting thus, supply the rate with the merchandise so it will much better searching procedure and a single can select the solution although comparing the cost of other merchandise.

If you do not find this procedure suitable then search the merchandise in local market place. Before purchasing meal nourishment, you should consult with a veterinary doctor.  The most effective dog food nourishment includes the substance rich in carbohydrate, calcium, protein and minerals.

Sometime owner do not have that considerably of time to give a second review to what they feed their adorable pet. In these kinds of cases owner can rely on this foods nutrition available in marketplace because this act as a supplement to the meal and full the total requirement necessary for the development of human body. Pets are member of our loved ones moreover, they require a special attention and particularly within the matter of meal.

There are several benefits of feeding organic foods to dogs. All pure canine meal is really rich in vitamin E and C, which is extremely critical for their body and is essentially the very best dog foodstuff nutrition accessible. Vitamin E keeps their skin glowing and Vitamin C is good for their bones. All these vitamins impact within the same manner as it impact in human system. Vitamin for instance, beta – carotene is helpful in removing toxic from the body commonly identified as totally free radicals.

Animals usually eat meat thus, their entire body gain lots of toxic material in their human body and  if toxic substance isn’t removed from their body then, you will discover lots of chances to obtain infected with diseases such as, lungs and heart illnesses. It can be superior to give a supplement of all organic foods daily to maintain their metabolic system free from infection and disorders. All organic dog foods are a excellent source of fiber and antioxidant.

Some on the healthy foodstuff contain manganese, phosphorous, calcium and potassium all these vitamins and minerals are incredibly considerably essential in their diet. There are lots of vegetable rich in antioxidant such as, dark green and bright orange. By feeding all pure dogs in their meal is just like obtaining a insurance policy for your loving pet.

It truly is really necessary to produce best dog food to our loving pets. They’re one on the members of our family.  Learn more about pain relief for dogs.