Using a dog crate is the way most dog owners house train, transport, and give a little home for their dogs.  Whatever your use for one, getting the right one for your pet is important.

Aluminum Dog Crates

The Kalispel aluminum dog crate is not only solid and built to last but for those of us who are assembly challenged its already put together.  This create is perfect for those of us who are looking for something that is lightweight but still strong enough to safely keep our dog.

This aluminum crate is not only built to last but has added features such as drain holes that make it easy to clean.  The Kalispel aluminum dog crate not only comes in a variety of sizes but it offers a secure and comfortable spot for your dog.  Whether you are using your crate indoors or outdoors the Kalispell aluminum dog crate in sizes from small to extra large is absolutely the top of the line.  In addition to keeping your dog safe if used outside this crate will protect him from the weather as well.

Metal Dog Crates

A great alternative to the aluminum dog crate is the metal dog crate. They are less expensive than the aluminum crates, and you can frequently find metal dog crates at pet kennels. The bottom of metal crates may be constructed of either metal or fiberglass, and please note that these crates are typically not assembled so you’ll have to put it together yourself. This is good for small spaces because it can be collapsed and stowed away when not in use, which makes it a snap for owners who will be using metal dog crates indoors. It is metal, however, so if you need a crate for outdoor use, make sure you get one that can stand against the weather and elements.

Dog Crate Supplies

You would not think that a dog crate necessarily required supplies.  However, covers can insulate your dog against the cold and may be used in both aluminum and metal crates.  One other option is a cover with handles which can be found in hunting dog supply stores.  For those hunters who prefer to create their dog prior to taking him to the field these types of supplies can help your dog stay healthy, comfortable, and dry.    Depending on the crate you have purchased there may be other supplies available. Check with your Hunting Dog Supplies store for available options.

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