Many dog owners prefer to have their pet inside their home while some others prefer to have them outdoor. If you are one of those who prefer to have your dog outdoor then you have probably decided to provide him with a dog Kennel. The question is: what type of doghouse have you chosen for your dog? There are many types of dog houses out there and not all of them can provide the protection that your pet needs when sleeping outside.

The best is to go for an insulated doghouse. You may then ask: why an insulated dog house? I have listed below 5 reasons why you should go for an insulated doghouse and not any other type.

1. What kind of weather do you experience in your region? If you live in a temperate region, it is very important to provide your pet with a doghouse that is insulated, the reason been that, in times of cold, if your best friend is left outside, he will struggle with the weather if his kennel is not properly insulated.

2. Where do you position the doghouse in your house? The location of the dog house also has a direct influence on the temperature inside the doghouse. If you place the doghouse in a location that is too sunny, your dog may end up struggling with heat. The sun itself moving from East to West, you are never sure of the position of the sun at a particular time of the day. An insulated dog house will provide the added protection your dog needs against the sun.

3. Do you leave your pet outside the house 100% of the time? The fact is your dog may be stressed out during inclement weather and also because of all the noise outside. The good thing about an insulated dog house is that is also provides some amount of noise reduction for your dog to sleep peacefully.

4. May be you are considering using a dog heater or heated dog bed. Heating the dog house with some electrical appliances is an excellent idea. But you should also have in mind that the heat produced by the heating device may be easily lost to the atmosphere. Having an insulated dog house help retain the heat that is produced by the electric appliance. Combining an electrical heating device with an insulated dog house is even better.

5. Does your pet have short or long hair? Short hair dogs will tend to lose heat much faster than long hair dogs. On the other side, long hair dogs will also tend to be overheated much faster and more often than short hair dogs. Insulation will retain more body heat when used in conjunction with a closing door during cold spells and keep the interior cooler during warm spells with the door opened.

So I hope with all this information at hand you are now able to make the right decision. I think it is obvious that an insulated dog kennel is an invaluable investment to make sure your pet leaves a happy and comfortable life on earth.

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