Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up

If you have ever owned a dog, you have had this problem . Your dog is so happy to see you that he jumps up on you getting hisfilthy paws all over your new cloths . Or even worse, during his excitement he jumps on a smaller child and knocks them down or scratches the child’s face, arms or legs. Well, guess what, you probably taught your puppy this bad habit . Let me explain:

When your dog was a puppy, he was much smaller and when he came running to you he would jump on your ankle or maybe your knee, no big deal right? And in response to your little bundle of joy, you would reach down and pet him, maybe even pick him up.

Your puppy has just learned a valuable lesson, jumping up is a good thing. It’s a great way to get attention . Your dog doesn’t understand the difference between a small, cute little puppy and in a matter of a few months he is now a bigger adult dog with the mass and power to be able to take down a small adult human . All he knows is “jumping gets me attention.”

<b> Why do dogs jump? </b>

Most often dogs jump out of extreme excitement. Such as, seeing you after a long absents (coming home from work) or during high energy playtime.

On the other hand, if he jumps in a variety of situations, you could be dealing with more of a dominance issue and symptoms of a more complicated problem of communication and attitude. The longer this type of demeanor is allowed to play the harder it will be to regain control of the jumping issues. At this point and time I would highly suggest that you study alpha-dog techniques.

How you react to your dog jumping on you and others will determine whether or not he repeats this behavior. You will have to make a commitment to continuing effort and consistency in dealing with this problem. To stop dog jumping you have to make it clear to your dog that it is never satisfactory to jump on you or anyone.

This means that you must fallow your stop jumping techniques always. You can’t expect your dog to understand the difference between playtime and greetings, nice cloths and play cloths, showery days or sunny days. If you let your dog jump at anytime, he will feel free to jump whenever he feels like it.

Most professional trainers agree that the most effective way is also the easiest way to stop unwanted behavior (such as jumping) in your dog is to ignore him whenever he jumps. No need to yell or correct, although that is usually the first thing that comes to mind when your dog just ruined another pair of nylons or scratch one of your children. You must ignore the bad behavior.

When your dog goes to jump on you, turn your back on him right away. Dogs understand body language much more than the spoken word. So, what you need to do here is use your posture to get your message though loud and clear. As soon as he gets his paws back on the ground, reward him with praise. If he gets excited again and goes to jump, turn your back, head and eyes away from him (the cold shoulder). You can repeat this cycle several times in a matter of seconds. Don’t concern yourself with confusing your dog because they can only comprehend your reaction to their given behavior at that moment. Continue this training technique for the next several days and soon your dog will stop jumping on you.

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