Teaching a dog to speak

Dogs don’t speak but they can communicate with each other, with other animals and with humans by barking. However, some dog owners have achieved an extraordinary feat of teaching their pet dogs to speak. Of course these amazing dogs don’t really speak the way we humans do but the important thing is that they can respond every time a speak command is given.

A dog that can speak will be the pride of the owner however, the training can have a very beneficial effect as it can address a dog’s excessive barking concern. This is because when the dog is trained to speak it is also being trained to bark only when the speak command is given. Barking is a dog thing thus training the dog to speak will not be too difficult. Dogs can easily understand and obey the speak command. An owner can give the speak command every time the pet is barking until the dog understands what must be done when the command is given.

The goal of the training is to make the dog “speak” or bark on command thus you have to know what triggers the dog to bark. Dogs generally bark when food is seen as these animals are food motivated. The sight of a toy will make a dog bark.

The toy and the favorite food can be used as positive reinforcements that will make the training easier. Due to the dogs curious nature, it would be best to choose a training location that has few distractions. A rustling sound, a car passing by or the barking of another dog will make the pet being trained lose concentration. The neighbor’s cat up in a tree will get the dog’s attention instead of the command, the toy or the treat.

The sight of a toy or a treat will make the dog bark. The speak command must only be given when the dog has stopped barking. If the dog does not bark you have to repeat giving the command again and again until you get a response from the dog. Give the food or toy to the dog as soon as it has obeyed the command. Dogs learn by association thus the reward must be associated by the dog to obeying the master’s speak command. Training the dog to speak is one of the easiest obedience training. Persistent pet owners that constantly train the dog will have a pet that will speak once the command is given.

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