When dogs age, they may have arthritis and joint pain just like humans. Now there is help for dogs as well in the form of liquid glucosamine for dogs. Glucosamine and chondroitin has proven very helpful for humans so helping pets with it is a logical step. If all goes well, this treatment will give your dog more comfort and will be up and about in no time. With the addition of light exercise and proper nutrition, arthritis should improve also. You can purchase glucosamine in liquid or pill form. Some dogs prefer the liquid form over pill form. Both give good results, no matter which you choose. In liquid form, the dog may eat it more easily and you can even disguise it by putting it on their favorite treats such as braided bully sticks.

With a well balanced diet, proper supplements, and regular exercise, your dog should be well of its way to preventing or helping current arthritis and joint pain. Natural is always best for any animal in terms of food and supplements. Some stores specialize in only natural products for pets. These can be a great source for products that are safe and effective for animals. It can be beneficial to also talk to neighbors and relatives with pets for their advice on food and supplements. Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Using the right dose plays an important role. Following details on the package should always be done. Usually when first starting a dog on glucosamine, the dosage will be higher. Then when a few days or weeks have past, the dosage will be reduced. Some brands are more potent than certain kinds so dosage will vary. The dose is also determined by the size of your dog. Obviously small dogs will need less than larger dogs. A dog may also be helped by other types of vitamins.

Prevention or treatment of current joint and bone issues is what liquid glucosamine for dogs may be used for. Causes of dog arthritis problems are old age, and also injury or trauma. In addition, some breeds are more prone to arthritis than others. When the cartilage stiffens or deteriorates, pain can occur. Glucosamine and chondroitin are now commonly applied as a prevention method for people and animals. It may reduce inflammation and pain.

It is not an instant fix, but over a few weeks improvement should be seen. For dogs suffering with joint problems, this can help. It is a good idea to try this first before more invasive and expensive treatments. If you have a dog experiencing these symptoms, glucosamine could be perfect for them. You do not need a prescription for glucosamine and stores now sell it specifically for dogs. Purchase from well known sellers and brands. Remember that it is not just for treatment, but is also great for prevention in older dogs.

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