Why do dogs have seizures

Watching the pet seize would be a heartbreaking experience for any pet owner. Watching the pet keel over and salivate; paddle its paws uncontrollably while whining piteously would be a traumatic experience for a pet owner. The owner of the dog would naturally want to help a pet that is obviously under the throes of agonizing pain. It is not uncommon for dog owners that saw a seizing dog for the first time to get injured while trying to help the pet.

Canine seizures can last for a couple of minutes but severe forms of seizures can last for hours. The owner of a seizing dog must not panic. The very first thing that a pet owner must do is to ensure that the pet is comfortable and that no further injuries will happen to the dog. Move the dog away from places where it can fall and remove objects that can cause injuries. The seizing pet can be calmed by dimming the light and making sure that the area is quiet.

A dog owner can never be sure that the pet will not suffer from this frightening experience. Seizure is often times not a one-time occurrence thus a dog owner has to understand the reasons why a dog would have a seizure. Canine seizure can be attributed to a number of reasons. Canine epilepsy is the most common cause of canine seizures. The recurring seizures are caused by the uncontrolled activity of the brain. Cocker Spaniel. Brain tumors that develop and put pressure on the brain area where it is growing is another reason why a dog can have seizures.

Medical conditions such as canine distemper, kidney and liver disease as well as the tick borne Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme disease can be the reason for the dog’s seizure. Seizure is one of the symptoms of these diseases. Dog are omnivorous and indiscriminate eaters. Dogs seem to have an unaccountable liking for spoiled foods found in trash cans.

Due to the ultra sensitive senses and the forever curious nature, it is not impossible for dogs to investigate toxic substances with their mouth and tongue. Many dogs have seized and died due to ingestion of toxic substances. Seizing dogs that have ingested toxic substances have a good chance of recovery more so if the poisonous substance was identified and immediate medical assistance was given to the pet. Not like other kind of seizures, seizure resulting from poisoning needs urgent medical attention.

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