Licking is a natural behavior of dogs. Apparently the tendency to lick begins from puppyhood. Dams are seen licking the puppies to clean and also to encourage the litter to defecate and to urinate. Puppies wanting to nurse only have to lick the mother dog. When the puppies get older, the licking is done to ask the mother dog to regurgitate food. Licking has another purpose, when puppies lick each other, the bond between the littermates is developed.

The tendency to lick will remain even if the dog matures. Dogs are commonly seen licking the human family to show affection. Dogs not only lick humans and other dogs as they are also seen licking themselves. Most dog owners would complain about the dog’s habit of licking the paws. Because dogs are active animals it is possible that they can step on disgusting things. A dog owner would certainly be annoyed if the pet that has stepped on feces would lick the paw clean and then deliver sloppy kisses to its owner.

Dogs have various reasons for licking the feet. Dogs are active animals and they do not spend a lot of their time grooming but the dog will be seen licking a dirty feet too. Dogs have the tendency to like things that humans find hateful. Dogs seem to have an unexplainable fondness for the dirty things that are lodged between its paws. Dogs would lick an injured paw to ease the pain. A dog’s feet would always be injured by thorns and splinters because these animals have the inclination to wander. The dog will simply lick the injured paw to alleviate the pain.

A dog that licks the feet excessively may be bored or anxious. Anxious people would bite the nail, anxious dogs would lick the feet. It seems that anxiety is eased if the feet is licked. Dogs that are left alone all day with no toys to play with will be bored and to while away the time, the dog will lick the feet.

A bored dog that licks the feet would be better than one that develops a destructive behavior. The dog’s habit of licking the feet or any other part of the body for that matter must be stopped as it can result to raw skin. Excessive licking of the feet must be stop before it turns into an addicting habit as the feet that is constantly licked can have hard to cure granulomas.

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